Unique Christmas Decoration Ideas


Are you tired of the same old decoration ideas that you keep reusing year after year? No, Christmas decoration is more than just a plain tree. If you´re ready to say hello to the seasonal spirit, then it´s time to say goodbye to your overused Christmas decors, and keep an eye on these stunningly unique and beautiful Christmas decoration ideas.

A starry sky in your living room

Cut out some star-shaped papers, wood, or and even metal of different sizes and hang them across your home to create your own Christmas starry sky.

Mini Wreaths

Hang them where you feel its lacking a bit of the Christmas spirit. In this season, more is more.

Decorate your porch with mini trees

Use mini trees along with Christmas lights to decorate the outside of your home. Remember that the Christmas magic doesn´t need to stay only indoors!


Draw a couple of snowflakes on your mirrors for an interesting wintery touch. Make sure to stick to washable markers or you will be regretting this on the spring!

Create your own hot cocoa spot

There´s nothing better than a good cup of hot cocoa to warm up during Christmas. Use a customized wooden sign and a couple of cute cups to add an original touch to your home.

Seasonal cups

Seasonal cups are not only for drinking. You can use them as decoration as well!

Display your holiday mail

Display your seasonal greetings in some convenient metal Christmas trees. Hang your favorite cards for everyone to see!

Eucalyptus accents

Pine garlands and wreaths are overdone now. Use a different evergreen for an interesting yet sweet Christmas décor.

Craft an original Christmas tree

Nothing screams uniqueness more than a DIY Christmas tree with spare recycling materials like cardboard.

Don´t forget about your couch

Use some customized throw pillows to warm up your Christmas days.

Reorganize your bookshelf

Wrap your fave books in spare Christmas wrapping for a quick Christmas decoration idea.

Garlands everywhere!

Stairs, door frames, and mantels are the best places to put on some fresh garlands.

Fake a fire

You don´t need a functioning fireplace to fake a good Christmas fire. Just throw in some spare birch logs and green branches.

Paint your doormat

Use some cut-outs to add some graphic cuteness to your doormats. Christmas trees and stars are two popular options in this case.

Tiny Christmas trees

Sometimes, the biggest tree isn´t always the best. Swap to a smaller tree and you will surely minimize the time you spend adorning it.


Ribbons are garlands best friends. Make sure to add plenty of ribbons as a cool accent for the more classical garlands.

Add an Advent wreath

They also make amazing centerpieces!

Did you like our very own list of the most interesting Christmas decoration ideas? With us, you can make every room as festive as ever! If you think we are missing some cool setup, make sure to let us know in a comment!