Unhealthy Foods That Seem Healthy: Breaking Down Myths


In this day and age, many unhealthy foods claim to be natural and healthy. However, this, as many other claims tend to be based on myths, and in some cases, misinformation, or, most importantly, bad marketing practices to lure potential clients. As you might know, even if a product claims to be "fat-free" or "low in sugar", sometimes it is even more harmful than their "unhealthier" counterparts.

If you really want to pay attention to your diet and are looking to maintain a good, wholesome food routine, read on the following list of seemingly healthy treats that are actually unhealthy foods.


Granola seems like a healthy breakfast, dinner or snack option. However, it is packed with tons of calories. If you just can’t skip granola altogether, try making your own homemade granola instead! It will be a much healthier choice, by far.

Flavored Yogurts

Fruit-flavored yogurts tend to be delicious and addictive, but are full of sugar and don’t actually contain fruit, but artificially enhanced look-alikes. If you pair a flavored yogurt with granola, you’re actually committing two sins pretty easily!

Dried Fruit

Dried fruit might seem like a healthier version of an afternoon snack, but no. Just like your regular sweets, dried fruit contains too much sugar.

“Sugar-free” Foods

Some sugar-free foods have aspartame, which is a sweetener that has been linked to weight gain. Equally, aspartame and other sweeteners might make your stomach upset due to the chemical process that they go through.

Diet Drinks

Diet drinks might cause a spike in insulin levels, which translates into more stored fat!


Many sugar-laden kinds of cereal might make you think they're healthy and natural. However, many of them are actually full of sweeteners that can increase your blood sugar levels. So keep your consumption of cereals to a minimum.


Popcorn is indeed a healthy snack when consumed mindfully. However, go overboard with your daily dose of salted popcorn, and you'll end up with high blood pressure and some extra pounds!


Just as popcorn, this delicious dip is filled with fats and dangerous levels of extra salt that is harmful to your health. Avoid complications and choose homemade hummus over the ones you can find on the shelves.

Cereal Bars

Cereal bars, just like regular cereal, will only give you many carbs and will leave you hungry, so it’s actually better if you skip them.

Fruit Juice

It might not seem like it, but fruit juice contains so much sugar, that drinking commercial fruit juice is actually as dangerous as drinking regular soda. On the other hand, by peeling the fruits you're stripping them from the fiber, one of their most important components. Always choose homemade juice over more shop-ready options.

Any Food That cClaims to be “Fat-Free”, or “Low Fat”

In most cases, many brands tend to create misleading campaigns for their products by claiming they're free from those nasty fats. However, on many occasions, they actually add more sugar and artificial flavors to make up for the fat loss.