Top 7 Easiest Fall Decorations Ideas


The end of summer is near, and you still have quite a few weeks of warmth left to make your house ready for those chilly autumn months. If you’re all set to start prepping your house for the season of foliage, pumpkins, apples, and Halloween, check our top 7 easiest fall decoration ideas.

Swap Those Fabrics

Make your home cozier by changing the light summer fabrics with heavier textiles for colder weather. Think of swapping your curtains, throw pillows, blankets, sofas and rugs to furniture and accessories made from thicker materials like velour, velvet, corduroy, faux suede, microfiber and faux fur.

Layering is The Key

One easy way to create a successful design is layering. In the colder months, more layers can transform a chilly atmosphere into a cozy retreat. Don’t worry about going overboard with lots of pillows and blankets.

Also, fall is the perfect time to exploit textures, prints, and color-combining. For example, plaids are a favorite of the season. Include them in a blanket for your bed along with printed pillows for a big dose of instant warmth.

Pick a Color Palette

Classic autumn palettes featuring red, orange, and golden hues will breathe some seasonal life into your space. You can even experiment with wallpapers such as lumberjack-inspired lining paper. As a tip, try coordinating your fabrics with the predominant color of the chosen palette.

Decorate Your Fireplace

A fireplace is a place for gathering during the fall and winter months. After cleaning it for the season, make sure to include some autumn touches such as rustic elements (think of metal buckets), banners, and centerpieces. For the more creative people out there, hanging a chalkboard artwork above your fireplace can be a nice option too.

Use Natural Fall Elements

If you’re a lover of nature and are eager to add some autumnal touches into your home, here are some creative ways to incorporate the season into your place.

Pick some foraging leaves and branches, and try styling them in a simple vase.

Use wheat sheaves to fill cloches and create your very own autumnal arrangement.

Freshly picked fall finds like apples, flowers, and squash or even pumpkins will look amazing casually displayed on your kitchen table.

Take the seeds out and use a pumpkin as a centerpiece vase. Add a lace doily over the stem to bring light into the room.

Dress up your windows with a DIY festive wreath containing apples, cobs of corn, or autumnal flowers.

Craft a woodland frame with moss, acorns, and pinecones and put them on a previously empty wall.

Decorate your backyard with a basket filled with firewood.

Don’t Forget About Your Outdoor Spaces

Fall decorations aren’t just reserved for indoor areas. Add a rocking chair to your porch. Similarly, throw some gourds and blankets onto your chairs and greet your guests with a bit of fall essence.

Add Vintage Details

Vintage items can be part of great fall decorations ideas. Period furniture will complete any autumn setting in an interesting yet warm manner.