Timing is Everything. These Photos Are Just Perfectly Timed!


Great shots are not just about filters, angles, and posing. Sometimes the only thing separating a picture from a regular photo to a master piece is the timing. The problem is that timing is usually hard to predict and you are left to the luck of capturing the right things at the right moment. Here are a few photos that do exactly that.

It's Raining Beer

That's what happens when a fight is getting out of control. The player gets it!

Hanging Moon

Looks like the crane caught something in it's hook!

Plane Square

And then, when you finaly got back home.

Great timing for looking up and having the camera on ready! You can't plan this.

Blowing off Steam

That's what happens when statues come to life. They blend beautifully with the surroundings.


Sometime, players are just over motivated.

Looks like this goalkeeper is a bit disoriented. Hope someone let him know before the ball got to him.

Perfect Emoji

This is just the emoji missing when I try to express a combination of unpleasant feelings. He is capturing it perfectly.

Zombie Bride

We're not sure about a zombie Bride,

Or in this case, zombie bridesmaid! At least the bride looks happy.

Say Cheese

Seems like this photographer selected a different method of generating an expression in this wedding shoot. Hopefully it is that and not something horrible happening to him!

Side Flame

They always said 'There is no smoke without fire'.

Not sure where this flame is coming from, but this candle has nothing to do with it.

Man Down

Just when he thought he can now relex with his ice cold water.

Swirling Bird

Some animals are just prefer to stay dry.

This bird makes the perfect imitation of a washing machine.

All About Balance

Looks like this chair was big enough to support this child, or maybe not.

Icy Road

Let's skate.

When the day is sunny and the roads are icy.

Face Catch

Just missed by a little. And the guy behind him never had a chance anyways!

Big Splash!

Here come the splash.

I bet the splash was quite impressive.


This might be the last thing you want to find behind your back after you have taken a picture.

Jesus Lightning

Yeah, about that..

I always thought it was Zeus who controlled the lightnings...

Fighting a Skeleton

This fighter has no idea how good he was actually aiming with this kick. Got him right in the jaw!

While No One is Watcing

Are you guys serious?

This acrobat is nailing the flat horizontal flying trick. It is a shame no one is seeing it.

Water Attack

I guess that is what is like when the items in the house get a life of their own.

While I was Posing

Here come the splash '#2'

This young guy doesn't know that while he is giving his best pose, the lady behind him is about to find out how cold the water is.

Insanely Happy

When was the last time your face lit up with such happiness and excitment?

The Calm Before the Storm

He said he want a new hat

I bet the next picture is of this guy screaming in pain and shock!

Nature's Aquarium

Maybe this fish still thinks it is at sea, not yet aware of its already sealed destiny.


Say what?!

When you become one with the fish you caught!

Surprised by Size

I bet this dog was expecting the ball to be a tiny bit smaller.

The Flying Mop

Carpet cleaning anyone?

I love it when cleaning supplies come to life!

Left The Best Behind

This leaping frog better remember not to leave its legs behind!

It Wasn't Me!

Maybe if I look the other way, no one will notice I'm stealing from this woman. It's working!

Caught In The Middle

Quite Impressive for a mouse to be balanced this way. Maybe he should be the next Ninja Worrier!

A Crack In The Sky

This plane is a true trail blazer!

This plane is a true trail blazer!

Unfortunate Miss

There are simple misses and there are truly unfortunate ones. How do you think the person in the stripes will clasify this one?

Yin And Yang

One two people truly complete each other.

We have to try that one day

Fish Eyes

What is different about this man's face? Let me take a closer look.

Follow The Rainbow

Nothing marks a road better than a rainbow. The destination looks pretty promising.

Perfect composition

Lean On Me

When you have a good friend to lean on, there is nothing you can not do!

Plane Catch

It has long been known that things are lighter in water, even planes!

Catch it!

Giant Step

Watch Your Step! You might like the thing you crash!

Love Is Everywhere

Nothing says true love better than two coffee cups.

Here come the splash '#3'

Gulliver And The Frog

A new adventure from the makers of the original Gulliver. This time in the "Frogs Island".

Disappearing Act

Blending with nature is the goal, sometimes literally achieved.

Perfect composition

Human Surfboard

Who needs to buy a surfboard when your friend is available for free?

I'm Stuck!

This is definitely not one of the places you want your head to get stuck in.


Off With Her Head!

Classic Alice in Wonderland syndrome taken too literally.

Legs or Arms

You know that you are in the presence of a true artist when you can't tell arms from legs.

Alternative spiderman anyone?

Level Headed

I wouldn't worry about this girl in stressful situations. I bet she stays calm.

Sea Life

When you are spending time at the sea, you are bound to start feeling quite fishy yourself.

Perfect composition


When you want to prove to the world that your supposed to be "enemies" are really your squad.

Lack of Sleep

That is why it is always recommended to get some sleep before an important competition. You don't want to fall asleep mid-air.