The Weirdest Wedding Dresses In The Entire World


There are few moments in life when you are the center of attention and everyone celebrates you. One of these moments is, of course, your marriage day. But for some women, it isn't enough. They have to pull off such exaggerated looks that no one will be able to look away. Here are some of the craziest wedding dresses we were able to find.

Watch For Sharp Objects

You will not see any drunk uncle trying to cut the cake at this wedding - the risk is way too high! No one wants to be the one that mistakenly pops the wedding dress apart.

Keep Chewing All Day Long

Looks like someone has been way to inspired while watching "Charlie and The Chocolate Factory". I doubt the director thought that Violet Beauregarde's look after chewing the gum non-stop, will give any bride styling ideas for the wedding day.


If you are not sure what you are looking at here, neither are we. Looks like we came too early and the bride is still in the proces of transforming into something wonderful, right? Any minute now...

Too Cakey

This bride took the idea of popping out of a cake to the next level. Don't eat the cake, be the cake. I mean, you can't get sweeter than that. Besides, you save on getting a wedding cake and you don't have to worry about not having enough for everybody.

The Balloon

Thought we are done with the balloons wedding dresses? Think again. This time the bride went beyond just the dresses and added a balloons necklace. My question is, why stop there? What happened to balloons shoes, veil and bouquet? So much more to do!

Always A Mom

No need to worry for this bride ever running out of diapers. Besides, this dress is very functional with its absorbing capability, she wouldn't need to worry about any spills. The only thing is, was it really necessary to place one on her head?

The Girl On Fire

When Alicia Keys sang it, she never imagined this bride's look. Or maybe it was Katniss Everdeen that made this young bride go for this HOT style. Either way, it's getting hot in here.

Ferror Rocher Style

Not sure if the family and friends watching as the bride walks down the isle will be able to resist the temptation of stealing a piece of chocolate.

Wedding Without Mosquitos

Looks like this bride was truly terrified of mosquito bites. I mean, regaular dresses would probably have the same effect of keeping them away, but the dress won't be making the same statement.


Having a hard time finding the bride? This wedding dress blends beautifully with the surroundings. Good thing the bride is holding red flowers that help her to stand out!

Look Alikes

It has often been said that dogs and owners start to look alike after a while. This bride took it one step further and tried to match her apperently very unique pet.

The White Carpet

So many people wanted to participate in this wedding and so the bride and groom found a role for each one. If this is not a collaborative wedding, I don't know what is.

Back To High-School

This "forever young" couple wanted to embrace their high-school years with these matching cheerleading outfits. This wedding is sure to be very cheeful and full of spirit.

All The Colors Of The Rainbow

If you are not able to settle for one color for your wedding dress, just do as this couple did and incorporate them all into your outfit. You will for sure get the attention.

Orange Is The New White

Who said wedding dresses should be white? Esspecially if your favorite color if clearly orange. The groom didn't stay behind and matched his bride in both color and style.

All The Feathers In The World

If poultry is your thing, there is no reason not to incorporate them into the most special day of your life. And if the dress is not enough, add some feathery accessories to the final look.

The Marshmallow

Part of getting all the attention is taking as much space as possible. So what if your soon to be husband is crushed under your massive pink dress? It is your day...

Weirdly Matching

Honey Boo boo's mother, June Shannon, was sure to be the center of attention in her special day. That is why it was quite surprising when she decided to share her styling choices with the groom. But you have to admit they are very much meant to be.

Tina Turner's Dress

Not to take away from Tina Turtner's talent or this Giorgio Armani dress, but certain things that are many people's dreams do not necessarily prove to be worth it.

High On Recylce

Ever wondered what to do with your leftover papers and nylons? This lady seems to have kept it all for years and then made a good use out of it.

The White Devil

This anything but ordinary couple shows that you can definitely combine Halloween and a wedding ceramony. At least they kept the colors traditional.


Looks like someone was really inspired by the children's tale of Goldilock and the three bears. It shows you can always keep your inner child alive.


This rather heavy looking dress will definitely make you the center piece. But with such cupcakes on display you will have to question yourself the entire night "are these people here for me or the cakes?".

The Ultimate Fan

Some people wear their favourite jersey to sports games, and some can't leave them at home even when getting married. Maybe you don't have to. This bride shows what being part of a team is really like.

America, America!

No one has to wonder where this bride is from and where her heart is. She is literally wearing it all over. I really hope the groom came as Lincoln!

Wild Nature

This bride is one with nature. But this still doesn't explain the things they release to "freedom".

Budget Cuts

I guess this bride used all the money saved for the wedding on her own dress. The groom would have to do with what is left. At least it looks like his groomsmen are dressed in solidarity.


So much hair! You have to wonder how many hairdressers have been working on it!

Melting Away

This white chocolate made dress is definitely mouth watering, but shouldn't be worn for too long. Especially in a hot destination wedding.

The Peacock

With so many eyes on the dress, it is hard not to stare!


Some girls just don't want to grow up. Once a barbie, always a barbie.

Brazil! La La La!

What happens in the carnival, stays in the carnival, unless you make your wedding dress appear as if you just stepped off a decorated float. This looks pretty heavy.

Christmas Is In Town

On the wedding day, everybody wants to shine the brightest. This bride leaves nothing to luck. She made sure she will be the brightest star that night. Plus she made a great use of Christmas Fairy Light.

Under The Sea

Looks like the fairtale theme is a big one for weddings. However, this time, the princess is not the protagonist. Looks like the other creatures in the Little Mermaid made more of an impression. Especially the 8-legged ones.

Do It Yourself

Someone went crazy with the spray paint and made truly customized wedding outfits. The style went beyond the bride and groom and extended to the guessts as well. This is what we call "Do It Yourself".

Miss America

Anyone looking for the most patriotic girl in town? We definitely found her. With the American flag around her body and a matching clutch, this bride is the embodiment of being proud of ones country. And may we suggest having the ceremony on the 4th of July?


Here is a good way to save money on your wedding. Getting a few sponsors for the wedding, and if possible, try to get the biggest names in each industry. And what a better place to display your endorsements than on the wedding dress?

The Day of Tomorrow

This couple is not focused on the present, but on the future. And for them, the future might not be as bright. Hence, a wedding dress made of divorce papers. No one is ever too prepared!

The Walking Bouquet

Who said the bride should carry the flowers? This bride decided to free her hands and wear the flowers, EVERYWHERE. I bet the smell is great, but I would stay indoors, because this dress not only attracts attention, but insects as well...

Magic Carpet Ride

I bet this couple heard that Disney is coming up with a real life version of Aladdin and didn't want to miss the opportunity to audition. Too bad the groom didn't get the memo.

Weighing Me Down

This bride is not afraid of a little weight, I mean on the dress. The amount of purple tull and Swarovski crystals make this dress quite a heavy duty item. I would suggest changing to a different outfit before the dancing portion of the evening starts.

Stay Away

This bride just wants her space. She wants no one hugging or smootching her, hence the extremely wide dress. I don't know how much the groom loves it.


How many brides can fit in a car? If you ask this one, the answer is pretty clear.

Golden Girl

Looks like even all the gold in the world can't make this bride smile. If I were the groom, I would get worried.

Where is She?

No, this is not an extended part of the chair, and no, the bride is not late. She is just being one with the surroundings. Talking about blending in...

Crystal Blue

Wedding dresses don't have to be white. Blue is definitely a legitimate color. But drowning inside your own dress might be a tad much.

Color Splash

Can anyone look at it and not smile from ear to ear? No matter what this dress make you think of (slushy, candies, circus), it is all positive.