The Most Anticipated Movies of 2019


If you're a fan of cinema, then the year 2019 will be a great one for you. From Marvel sequels to book adaptations, it seems 2019 is packed with many exciting films to look forward to. Grab a bucket of popcorns and join us on the most anticipated movies of 2019.


Opening on: January 18, 2019

If you're a fan of the Unbreakable universe that M. Night Shyamalan created, and you still want more after the release of Split (2016), we have good news for you; both Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson would be joined by James McAvoy on the third part of this superheroes saga, named after Jackson's character and main villain, Mr. Glass.

How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World

Opening on: March 1, 2019

Jay Baruchel, America Ferrera, Craig Ferguson, and Gerard Butler return to voice the beloved characters from the village of Berk on what would possibly be the final chapter of the dragon utopia trilogy. In this new film, Toothless, now a full-grown dragon, will encounter a potential mate. Together they will embark on a journey to a magical hidden world.

John Wick 3: Parabellum

Opening on: May 17, 2019

At the end of John Wick: Chapter 2, Keanu Reeves' character went on the run after he broke the most sacred rule of the criminal underworld: to murder a high-level crime lord on the grounds of the Continental. John Wick 3: Parabellum picks up right where the last movie ended; John must survive the bounty on his head.


Opening on: May 24, 2019

Will the Minecraft movie break the curse of video game based films? For the moment, we're not sure. All we know about it is that its director Rob McElhenney and co-director Shawn Levy will work alongside star Steve Carrell to bring us a tremendous film.

Toy Story 4

Opening on: June 21, 2019

Although Toy Story 3 ended the series on a perfect note, a new TS film is on the way. However, even today many details of the production are still scarce. If you're curious, we can tell you that the original voice cast is returning for this new adventure, and it will be directed by Josh Cooley on his feature-length debut.

Spider-Man: Far From Home

Opening on: July 5, 2019

Arguably, Spider-Man: Far from Home is one of the most anticipated movies of 2019, and just the mere fact of knowing that this film exists is a huge spoiler for Avengers 4. Nonetheless, we're enthusiastic to watch how Tom Holland's Spider-Man faces off against Mysterio (played by Jake Gyllenhaal).

Hobbs and Shaw

Opening on: July 26, 2019

This movie starred Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham and directed by stunt-coordinator-turned-director, David Leitch, is a spin-off on the Fast And Furious franchise. Knowing all this, we're expecting an exciting buddy-cop action movie.

Artemis Fowl

Opening on: August 9, 2019

Director Kenneth Branagh and stars Judi Dench and Josh Gad, reunite once again for this adaptation of the popular fantasy book series of the same name. In this film, a young criminal mastermind called Artemis Fowl will go the extreme to save his loved ones, by kidnapping a fairy and asking for ransom from an evil pixie in exchange for his father.

Frozen 2 (2019)

Opening on: November 27, 2019

Original directors Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee, as well as returning starts from the first movie, Kristen Bell, Idina Menzel, and Josh Gad, return once again to Arendelle for a new icy adventure.

Are there any other anticipated movies of 2019 that you're looking forward to? If that's the case, leave us a comment on our facebook page. with your favorite films for the next year!