The Best Hairstyles for Christmas


Christmas is just around the corner, but you are not sure on how to style your hair? Fret not because we are here to help. Do you need some quick hairdos for your family Christmas reunion? Then keep on reading to find out the best hair ideas for Christmas 2018 and get ready to get everyone’s attention!

Hair glitter: more is always more

Christmas is just one of those times of the year where glitter is accepted everywhere. Amp up your glitter skills by adding some to your next hairdo.

Accessorizing is always a good choice

Accessorizing is a foolproof way to achieve a creative Christmas hairstyle. Do you have some retro tortoiseshells laying around? We have good news for you: this Christmas they´re in again!

Ribbons are your friends

Add a nice twist to a classic half-up half-down hairdo by pairing it with a plait and a ribbon. This classic yet unique look is perfect for more elaborate outfits.

Flowers are not only for summer

Using flowers on your hair might seem like something extremely summery for the Christmas season. Yes, it might be, but you have to admit that it´s quite original!

Just a simple ponytail

Forget about extreme, tight, or elaborate ponytails. This season relaxed and sweet ponytails are the way to go.

Say hi to big hair

Big hair is back this Christmas, so make sure to get a good ol´ blow dry and get ready for your next Christmas party with a beautiful, wild mane.

Blunt ponytail

Nothing screams originality as a blunt, androgynous, slicked-back ponytail. Keep the rest of your outfit simple and get ready to be the most unique person of the party.

Unruly curls

Natural hair is the trend many of us were hoping for. Keep your curls natural and wild and get ready to embrace your beautiful hair this Christmas.

Romantic updo

Give a romantic touch to your classic updo by rolling a side parted bun towards your head. Let some random streaks of hair free to add some freshness to the look.

Retro Hollywood

Big, retro updos look the best with glossy red lipstick.

Pigtails with a twist

Take two pigtails and twist them into a bun to create the perfect look for your next Christmas party.

Super sleek hair

Super sleek, frizz-free hair is perfect for displaying big, dramatic accessories like chunky earrings or necklaces.

Double headbands

Not sure how to style your hair this Christmas? Grab two skinny headbands and pair them to create a unique, high-fashion look.

“I just woke up with this hair” hair

No really. This look was all over the season´s runways. Give the style a try by donning a messy fringe, and keep the rest of your look as relaxed as your hair.

Did you like our top hair ideas for Christmas 2018? If you have any other hairstyle or hairdo that you would like to share with us, make sure to leave us a comment with your opinion!