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The Best Fall Travel Destinations

Many people agree that fall is the prettiest time of year. It’s definitely the most colorful. If you’re planning a getaway in the next few months, be sure to visit a destination where you can soak in the most vibrant leaves and crisp temperatures. Don’t forget to

Unconventional Summer Travel Destinations

Do you literally prefer to take the road less traveled? While most people prefer to go somewhere warm and beachy in the summer, you have your eyes on somewhere a little different. Perhaps somewhere with still-icy mountains or a vast desert. Check out our recommendations below. Alaska If you prefer

7 Surprising Beach Destinations

There are certain destinations that are synonymous with sun and sand: Bali, Thailand, the Mediterranean Coast, any Caribbean country. And while all of these places certainly deserve their spot on the tropical beach destination list, they also tend to be the most crowded due to their popularity. If you’re

The Perks of Solo Travel

Travelling alone may seem daunting, but if you give it a chance it may just become your favorite style of travel. If you’re an independent, adventurous soul it’s worth taking at least one solo trip in your life. It will give you a confidence boost, plenty of memories,