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7 Refreshing But Healthy Drinks

Summer is all about the tasty, refreshing drink. Whether you’re out and about or relaxing at home, you’ll be wanting and needing to stay hydrated in the heat. But how can you do it in an interesting yet healthy way? We all know that water is king, but

How To Dress For Work In The Summer

Office clothes and hot weather doesn’t sound like the greatest combo out there. Constricting trousers and pencil skirts in thicker fabrics are probably the last thing you want to wear during the summer months, so don’t! Update your summer work wardrobe by choosing your fabrics wiseley, and you’

Unconventional Summer Travel Destinations

Do you literally prefer to take the road less traveled? While most people prefer to go somewhere warm and beachy in the summer, you have your eyes on somewhere a little different. Perhaps somewhere with still-icy mountains or a vast desert. Check out our recommendations below. Alaska If you prefer