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Easy Ways To Go Veg

It’s taken decades, but veganism and vegetarianism can finally be considered part of the mainstream. At least in most of the western world. With growing awareness of animal cruelty, combined with the negative health and environmental impacts of meat consumption, more and more people are going veg. But if

How To Stay Healthy On Holiday

Holidays are made for relaxation and indulgence. This makes them a prime opportunity to break a little - or a lot - of healthy habits. Obviously you don’t have to stick to your home routine; that would be counterintuitive. But there is a way to maintain a healthy lifestyle

7 Refreshing But Healthy Drinks

Summer is all about the tasty, refreshing drink. Whether you’re out and about or relaxing at home, you’ll be wanting and needing to stay hydrated in the heat. But how can you do it in an interesting yet healthy way? We all know that water is king, but