People and Their Innovative Laziness


Life is full of work and at times getting up to finish a chore might be too much of an ask. However, most of us do enough work in a day, some more and some less, barring a few unique exceptions. Some people are so lazy that they would rather device an innovative idea than get up and do the work the normal way. They might be lazy, but their intellect sure likes to work. In this article, we will show you 50 odd images which are hilarious examples of people being plain lazy. These images will make you wonder how easy these people's lives might be. Have a laugh-riot looking at some of the funniest pictures of real-life laziness.

Dude, Where Is My Chair?

Well that's one lazy guy! The man in the blue shirt is sitting on top of a packaged delivery box of a chair that he bought recently. The guy is so lazy that he has not even unpacked the chair that he bought and instead of sitting on the chair, he is sitting on the box encasing it.

A Walk by A Lazy Dad

This dad is taking his little baby on a walk, but he is so lazy that instead of doing the hard work of walking on the road, he is using a hover board for his daily walk to calm his baby. The baby is lying in a baby stroller, but the father is too lazy even to walk and push the stroller. Such a creative way to save your energy!

A Lazy Man’s Ride

Feels like Christmas! Here’s a lazy man with red cap, giving the perfect goal of being lazy. He is sitting on a chair with wheels making sure that his running dogs are making him move. He is using his two dogs as a means of transportation just for the sake of being too lazy to walk.

Heights of Garbage and Laziness

A dustbin full of garbage plastic bottles and empty boxes. It seems like the garbage is being collected from months. The bottles and boxes are placed so perfectly and artistically one over the other so that they do not fall. Instead of throwing the garbage or disposing it, it is being collected just because of extreme laziness. It is just making the surrounding unhygienic.

Special Lazy Technique to Warm Up the Food

This time, we found a guy that was too lazy to get up and go all the way to the kitchen to warm up his food. So, he is using his room heater to warm up the food and save his energy. He finds it a job to get up and walk so he is using his lazy attitude and smart mind for his benefit.

Too Lazy to Walk

Relationships are great, you can share your secrets, dreams and feelings. Yet, apparently you can't share the same sidewalk! This guy is so lazy, that instead of walking with his girlfriend, he hopped on his hover board and rode it down the street. But of course, he didn't stop holding her hand. Oh, young love!

Who Needs the Remote?

A man is sitting on a chair with a stick in his hand. He has kept a television over a chair near him. Why is that? It seems that the remote is not working and the lazy man is in no mood to get up from the chair and use the buttons of the television, so he kept the television near him and is pressing the buttons with the stick. Genius!

Vacation Mode: On

The girl is relaxing in a pink bikini and talking to someone on the phone. She is too lazy to hold the phone from her hands, so she has kept it on her ears. Why wasting your energy on holding the phone when you can just keep resting with the phone on you? Totally a lazy vacation goal.

A Mini Escalator for Lazy People

The store is promoting and encouraging the lazy people to use this small escalator. Rather than walking 4 steps, here is a mini escalator as a treat to all those lazy people. People are nicely using the escalator Instead of taking the stairs. It is a treat because they are covering this distance without wasting their energy.

A Foolish Lazy Crowd

The railway platform has two lanes to go upstairs. One is the normal staircase lane and the other is an escalator. Instead of a heavy crowd, most of the people are too lazy to use the stairs and are ready to walk in the crowd and take the escalator. However, some people are energetic enough to take the staircase.

A Lazy Man Making Grocery Shopping Easier

A lazy man is going to the supermarket to do some grocery shopping, but walking is too much trouble! So, he is using his hoverboard to save his time. He is too lazy to walk in the grocery store and pick up the items, so he has made a smart option to roam around on hoverboard and finish the shopping without getting his energy wasted.

You're Almost There!

An empty wafer box is kept with an empty juice sipper near a dustbin. The person enjoying this meal was too lazy to keep this waste in the dustbin, instead, he only made it halfway to the trash. The black dustbin is kept in front of the chair and he has kept this waste near the dustbin and not in the dustbin.

No Time to Empty the Garbage Bin

The grey garbage box is kept in attachment with the wall. The garbage box is full of papers in bunches. It's so full, that the pile of the papers is double the size of the garbage box. It seems like the garbage box hasn't been emptied since a long time and now the papers are piled up with the support of the wall. That sure is one lazy office.

A Lazy Holiday and Hunger

The girl is an inspiration to all the lazy people in the world! She wanted to get her pizza, but she didn’t have the enough energy to go downstairs and get the pizza. So, she threw the wool thread down where her friend tied the pizza box with the wool thread, and then pulled it up. Now she is nicely enjoying her pizza on bed without making any effort. What a win for her!

Can't Even Hold the Phone

John, the guy in the grey hoodie, is probably the employee of the month. He is sitting and having a conversation on the telephone, but he is so lazy that instead of holding the phone in his hand, so he has wrapped the wire of the phone around his face. He is smartly using the handset and having a conversation without using his hands.

Mail Boxes Not in Use

Now we have an example for a lazy mail man. There are a number of mail boxes with various numbers on them. All he had to do was to put the letters in the right box using the numbers. Yet, he left a bunch of papers or mail lying on top of the shelves.

A Parking for Trolleys

A few red trolleys are lying in the supermarket's parking area. It seems that people are too lazy to keep them in manner or to carry their luggage from their hands. Instead, they left them all around the parking lot after they put their bags in the cars. There’s not even enough space to walk in the parking lane due to the trolleys.

Opening the Packaging Is A Tough Job

This one is interesting. So, whoever bought that doorstop is very lazy. He didn't want to open the door again and again- that's why he got this doorstop. But he was also too lazy to even open it! So, he used it with the package. A packed doorstop with packaging is now lying on his floor under the door.

A Ready-Made Packet of Cornflakes with Milk

Someone is holding a polybag with milk and cornflakes. He hasn’t taken the pain of putting the cornflakes in the bowl and then adding milk in it. Instead of doing that, he is directly eating cornflakes and milk in the polybag with a spoon because he is too lazy to get up and get the bowl, and of course, to wash it later.

A Lazy Stare

A cute brown puppy is lying down and having a good time on its black chair but there's something missing-the little one is gazing at its toy hopelessly. However, the puppy is too lazy to get down and grab the toy in its paws. It wants to grab and play with the toy yet doesn’t want to do the work of getting down the chair.

Laziness with the Toilet Paper

A roll of toilet paper is kept on the toilet paper holder instead of hanging it inside. The roll of toilet paper is kept vertically on the holder with the support of the wall. If the toilet paper had been inserted with a little energy inside the toilet paper holder, the job would have been much easier.

The Lazy Eggs Outside the Holder

An egg holder is kept inside the refrigerator with 2 eggs. A box with 5 eggs is kept on the egg holder. Instead of placing those eggs properly into the egg holder, the whole box is directly kept in the egg section over the egg holder. It looks untidy and an act of laziness.

A Spoon of Laziness

A bowl full of healthy crunches is kept on a table with a spoon in it. Instead of using a big spoon, the person was so lazy that he used his child’s spoon. He was too lazy to find a spoon for him, or god forbid, to wash it!

An Act of Laziness with the Toilet Paper Rolls

A roll of toilet paper is hanging on the toilet paper hold. It seems like it’s a new roll and instead of throwing the old toilet paper, they left the cardboard hung with a new roll. The cardboard is hanging beside the new toilet paper roll.

Watering the Field with Table Fan

A table fan is kept in a field. A rubber pipe inserted inside the fan to fix it in a direction. The rubber pipe is sprinkling water in the field with the help of a table fan. The person is feeling lazy to stand and hold the pipe to give water to the field, so he is using this shortcut to make the work easier.

Collection of Trash in the House

A pile of polybags is kept beside the door. These bags are stuffed up in the corner of a room against the wall making a large heap of polybags almost touching the ceiling. No one bothered to take out the trash so now they have a lazy pile as a reminder to throw it.

An Untouched Christmas Tree

A Christmas tree is kept on a white marble floor without removing the decorations from it. The tree is packed with a transparent cellophane paper and seems like no one thought of removing the décor on the Christmas tree and then store it. Maybe removing the decorations of Christmas tree is a task of energy for the lazy owner.

A Lazy Lady Playing with the Dog

The lady is playing with the dog from inside the house. She’s too lazy to go out and have fun with her dog. The lady is giving a Frisbee to the little puppy to play with it. But she’s too lazy to step out and enjoy with the little one.

The Lazy Cornflakes Lovers Are Spreading

Once again, we can see a lazy stranger keeping his Cornflakes in an open polybag near a dirty sink. The bowl is kept in the sink, instead of washing the bowl and using it, he has mixed the cornflakes with milk in the bag and now he can eat it with no effort.

The Lazy Thermometer

A Mercury thermometer is hung on the wall with the help of a nail. Instead of attaching it to the wall, it is hung on it without even opening the plastic pack. The person is too lazy to open the plastic pack and attach it to the wall.

A New Technique to Refill the Petrol Tank for Lazy People

A car is standing on a petrol pump to fill the petrol tank. Instead of reversing the car and making it in a proper position to get the fuel easily, the pipe is placed from above to the petrol tank of the car making it inconvenient and harmful.

A Mountain of Televisions with One LCD On Top

One LCD TV is kept on three old model TV sets for a good LCD view. Instead of attaching the TV to the wall, a much tough job is done showing an act of laziness to keep the LCD on top of 3 old model TV boxes. The DTH box is kept on an empty box so that the wire reaches up to the height of the TV.

A Toilet Paper Roll Over the Holder

A toilet paper roll is kept on a toilet paper holder. Instead of keeping the paper in the holder, it is kept on it with some of the paper coming outside. The lazy person should have made his job easier by keeping the paper inside the holder.

A Trolley Carrying a Shopping Bucket

A lady with a black dress is with a trolley and a shopping bucket buying food items from a grocery store. She has kept a red plastic bucket inside the trolley instead of holding it in hand. The plastic bucket is occupying a large space in the trolley, but the lady is too lazy to hold the bucket in her hand.

This Guy is Just Too Lazy to Go Home

The lazy student with the red shirt and brown jacket is lying on the floor in the middle of the hall. He's too lazy to get up and go to his house and watch an episode of his favorite series. He is luxuriously lying on the floor enjoying his series as he feels that it’s exhausting to get up and go home.

Do You Want to Build a Snow-Car?

A car is running on the road covered with foam or snow and the car owner is too lazy to go to a car washing center and get the car washed properly. Though it is creating a great difficulty in driving, still showing a next level of laziness, he doesn't care about getting the car in a good condition.

Chicken Nuggets in An Ice Tray

A person is holding an ice tray full of nuggets with some tomato sauce in it. He is too lazy to go to the kitchen, get a plate and put the chicken nuggets on the plate. He has filled up the ice tray with the chicken nuggets making it a nugget tray and not an ice tray.

New Lazy Technique to Mash Potatoes

These potatoes are mashed in a red bowl with the help of a drill machine. The drill machine has scissors connected to it to make the process easier. The person is too lazy to mash the potatoes with his hands, so he is using a shortcut to complete the task which seems too heavy for him.

A Bottle at The Trigger to Rescue the Lazy Man

A bottle is kept at the trigger of the fuel hose showing the lazy attitude of the man working at the filling station. He is too lazy to practically hold the pipe and get the job done in few, so he is using the bottle technique to get rid of his easy job. The man working at the filling station is too lazy to do his job.

Garfield Would Have Been Proud

A fat brown cat is lying in one of the horizontal CD drawers of a store. She is having a luxurious time between the CD drawers and she’s too lazy to get up and find a proper place for her to lie down. So, she is enjoying her time stuck and stuffed in the CD drawer.

A Lazy Lady on a Walk

A lady with a blonde hair is driving a golf cart like small vehicle. She is out with her dog for a walk. But the lady is too lazy to walk with her dog, so she has tied her dog with the vehicle and driving slowly so that her dog can have a nice walk.

A Lazy Delivery Boy

Here is a great example of people being lazy at their jobs. A door mat is kept on a package. The delivery boy was too lazy to ring the bell and wait for the owner. So, he kept the delivery box under the door mat and left.

A Long Sipping Straw for Lazy People

A man in Black glasses is working in ease on his laptop. He is sipping his drink which is kept far away on the table by connecting different straws with each other. The man is too lazy that he can’t even pick up the glass and take a sip of his drink, so he is using this technique of multiple straws.

A Shaving Razor Made Easy to Use

A shaving razor is attached to a wire looping plier in order to make the grip better. The person is too lazy to use the normal razor to shave his beard so using his lazy attitude, he has invented his own method of shaving. He is so lazy that he even wants to make his shaving easier which is itself an easy job.

Cleaning with a Drilling Machine

A person has attached the toilet cleaner with his drilling machine so that the machine rolls and does his job of cleaning easily. He is too lazy to do his job of cleaning from his hands, so he invented his own cleansing tool to help him with the lazy attitude.

Dogs on a Walk

Two men are out on a walk with their dogs. These lazy men are sitting in their running vehicle holding the dogs' collar in their hands with their vehicle running in a slow pace so that their dogs can enjoy a walk without doing much efforts. These men are too lazy to take their dogs on walk.

Pizza, Anyone?

Piles of pizza trays are kept near the study table. The people living there are too lazy to throw those piles outside the room. The piles of pizza trays in a small room is making the room stuffed with books and furniture. One corner of the room is fully occupied making it look untidy.

Pasta on a Clean Plate

A white plate is covered with a cellophane sheet and pasta is kept over it. The person is so lazy to wash the dishes that he is using this technique so that his dishes are clean and there’s no need to wash them. This technique can only come from a person with lazy attitude.

These Photos Will Make You Feel Much Better About Your Day

We might not like to admit it, but the saying is right, "Misery loves company". Even if we try to think of ourselves as the nicest, most generous people in the world, we still feel better when other people are doing worse. So in the spirit of embracing this fact, here are a few images that will bring a smile to your face in those less happy days.

Late to the Pizza Party

Pushing to limits is never useful every day. Sometimes you just need to know when is the best time to go home. When you are too tired to even hold a box of pizza, maybe it's time you call it a night. Unless you want to be part of a meme.

You will lose both your energy and food as the source of energy. You might also lose some saliva in the process. Pizza would have been delivered to you.

Trying to Help

This kid was just trying to do the right thing, but he probably regretted it the next second. Sometimes life can be so unfair. Your motive may not always reflect in the results.

But that doesn’t mean you stop helping. While the thought counts, act.

One-sided Window

This is embarrassing. This girl was so focused on applying her makeup, she neglected to check whether someone was in that car. The driver found the best way to let her know. That would be you!

So how many times do you stop to check if your dress or shirt is well-pressed? Maybe the one-sided windows are everywhere in your city. The bank window may not roll down but there might be someone looking.

Rush Hour

Expert gamers also started here. If you are familiar with the Rush Hour game where the goal is to free the red car, this is the hardest level you probably have ever seen. At one point in life, this must have been you greatest disappointment.

Math is never interesting if you are rushing with time. It is the thrill in this game that will keep you overnight. Figure out before you get stuck here.

Melting Away

Summer is no joke! So a note to self: don't leave your duck in the car in a hot summer day. You might come back to a puddle instead.

The deco in your car might expand. If you were tired of picking it up every time you hit a bump, it will be permanent. Don’t park anywhere during summer.

Unfair Race

In the race between water and humans, water win. It might sound like a known fact, but this guy had to learn it the hard way. It is not one of the interesting facts, it is real. Nowhere to run!

Not everyone has to learn by experience. Water is more powerful, we know that. Don’t let it prove to you in a hard way.

What Are You Doing Here?

Next time lock your window properly. There is always someone waiting for an opportunity. Looks like someone has taken possession over this couple's bedroom. He appears so surprised, as if the couple should be the one to apologize for the invasion.

Call it unwelcome visitor but it is already on the couch. I bet you won’t forget to check on your window and door next time. It also needs a comfortable bed in the evening.

Consider a Belt

This swat team was so focused on the mission, they forgot to check what they have connected the cables too. Just in case, I recommend the guy use a belt next time. But there is no way to fasten the neck on the head.

The supervisor will be happy with your focus but what about your trouser? Maybe checking cables should be more than work cables. The guy should work a centimeter away.

Watch Your Step

It has been said that nothing hurts more than stepping on a piece of Lego. I guess that people who say that do not have screws sticking out of their floor. Wood floors have more about life.

The next time you are on a wooden floor, watch your step. The screws might be everywhere on the edges. Don’t move with theories.

Sad End

Everything was perfect. Great weather, nice water temperature, and amazing day at the beach. The only thing to make it perfect was this ice cream cone. Looks like the bird had the same idea.

Everyone on the beach is feeling the heat. Next time you might wan to buy or carry more ice cream. The bird needs to cool down too.

Frozen Waterfall

Water will always beat human. When the temperature drops, make sure not to park under a water stream. Otherwise, your car could become part of a frozen waterfall statue.

What do you keep in the trunk? Cold temperatures may not work with your clothes. Remember water is also heavy, don’t fear the temperature only.

Fun at The DMV

Someone at the DMV office probably tried to spice up his day when he registered this license plate. Not sure the girl who got it was as amused. The joke is on you.

The fun might be on the guy at DMV but you have to handle it. You have to share in the fun as you drive. Next time check before you walk out of DMV.

Done Yet?!

Stealing glances is not only with suitors. Updating your computers is never fun. You never know what might stop working and the time it is taking is never expected. Especially when the system does not know the meaning of percentage.

The wait never seems to end. If you 100% is the highest, you are in for a surprise. Computer language is different.

All Dry

You need it immediately? Speaking about over-drying. Seems like there are more than one way to make sure the laundry is fully dry. Although has its fair share of surprises.

Steam is not the only option. Fire might be more efficient. It depends with how far you are willing to go with your creativity.

Window Sit

When you choose a window seat, you usually expect to see a bit more than the plane's inner wall. It is not easy to outgrow a window seat unless you’ve been on such an experience. Turns out surprises are not on birthdays only.

Wait for the air hostess to explain this. But she might not be in contact with the plane manufacturer. The airline did not promise any window views either.


Just when you thought you found the solution to all of your life's problems, it slips between your fingers. Maybe life is about timing. You should IP addresses of such containers to be lucky next time.

Maybe you need to find a new definition of pamphlet. Or you need glasses. Maybe you should not move, your life answer is here.

Double Win

The best way to complement your lunch sandwich is with a delicious bottled juice. And if it comes for free, even better. If you are religious, the supernatural power is real.

It depends with how long you are willing to wait. Or how crazy you are willing to go with shaking the box. Or you can stay and hope.

Occupied Locker

Not sure who did the planning for these lockers, but he didn't do the best job. This person will have a tough time fitting in his school supplies. Might be a trigger to creativity.

Your first challenge in school.At least you were assigned a locker. Maybe you haven’t read the manual. It is for keeping something more specific and unique.

Didn't See That Coming

What other people do is wrong, what about your choices? This couple thought they already faced the hard part in their relationship. I bet they didn't see that coming. Research is not only for organizations.

There is always more to what meets the eye. When you think you have seen it all, blood is hiding. You might want to start with inside checks next time.

Oh No!

Everything was perfect. The perfect wedding in the perfect setting. Until the couple realized that it is slightly harder to get the ring back when it falls to a pond. Beach wedding might be more interesting, with moving water.

The perfect venue for fish or wedding? Unless a fish is kind enough to carry it for you. But you still won’t find it today. The moment is gone.

Paint Accident

The one thing that can make a collision worse is having buckets of paint in the car when it happens. Am not sure if this covered by insurance. You collided with paint, the car is okay.

Can the police identify the driver? I hope it didn’t color the mouth too. Paint is more than color, it is sticky.

Litter Surprise

So you love surprises? When you prepare dinner in your rice cooker, this is the last thing you want to find inside. I guess the cat found the heat comforting.

Of course you were never too hungry. It can be a motivation to cleaning all your kitchen. How about pet training?

Strong Magnet

This looks quite dangerous. It is important to remember that the MRI scans are magnetic and it is probably not the best idea to have a huge metal crate right next to it. Hopefully the patient has already left.

Guess doctors are mostly right. Next time don’t ignore warnings on walls and doors. MRI likes natural, no makeup or cosmetic.

Zebra Tan

Fashion has no limits. Sometimes it finds you. We all know how to get a farmer's tan, but if you opt for this unique zebra look, all you have to do is to wear ripped jeans and wait in the sun.

Make use of the natural light. Zebras may have burnt to become black. So how do you plan on the white strips?

It's a Match

You know this awkward moment when you hand out your passport and try to match the expression in your picture so that the officer knows it is you? In her case, if he can't really tell, it is probably a compliment. I hope she can’t match the passport face.

We change right? This is the first time you will hope the authority thinks its not you. just to build your self-confidence.

Free Fall

Things to remember before jumping from a plane: check that your parachute is functioning and that you have nothing in your pocket. You don't want to be like this guy who lost his keys on the way down. Not sure how to follow the “drain” here.

Requirements before a sky ride should be zero items. You don’t want to land on a rock because of car keys. Or maybe loss is your definition of good memories.

Stuck and Wet

It is never a good time to be locked in. But it is especially less convenient when you are naked, wet in the shower and you need to get the maintenance guy to get you out. Safety in this case has two options; showering with door open or with clothes on.

I wonder if he was done with the shower. Is he ever going back to the bathroom? Once bitten twice shy.

Stress Explosion

Ever wondered what will happen if you press a stress ball too hard? Fortunately you don't have to wonder anymore. This guy has the answer. I hope that matches level of stress.

Sauce or stress? Next time you are stressed, try to regulate. How do you explain sauce on your palm?

Loose Items

Remember, you don't want to leave your tool box open in the car while driving. And more importantly, the guy behind you definitely doesn't want you to do that. Fixing a wind screen may not require such a tool.

Tools are not necessary on a clean windscreen. Unless you are planning to fix something while driving, always close the trunk. The guy driving behind will be happier.

Food on Fire

It is one thing to burn the food. It is a totally different thing to burn the entire house along with it. Remember to check when the food is burnt “properly.”

Choose, food or house? In either case you have to keep watch. The burn should not be exaggerated.

Always Wear a Hat

One thing that can be sure about this guy is that he knows the importance of wearing a hat in the summer. At least he has one part of the body looking normal. How do you wear a hat?

Depends with where you prioritize for protection. Keep your head clean and cool. Summer sun will obey your priorities.

Hide and Seek

This little kid found the best hiding place in the entire store. Try to find him yourself, since his dad definitely can't.

Hiding does not always have to be in darkness, you can enjoy an “overview.” I hope the kid plays a game. If they look up, he jumps. Am glad it is not in the dark.

Please Watch the Closing Doors

That is why they always say "please watch the closing doors" before and after boarding the train. You might leave something behind when in a rush. After you leave should you check to watch the doors closing?

You still ignore signs? Warnings and directions seem unnecessary until you are in it. The door will close anyway.

World of Skittles

This looked like a start of a really good dream, a world full of skittles. It is less dreamy when it is all spread on the floor and has to be cleaned up. Skittles trigger creativity.

Skittles are only interesting when contained. The color can be a stress trigger on the ground. You can’t risk walking here.

The Magic of Google Maps

Google Maps capture all kind of moments, but this is especially precious. Talking about the perfect timing for a picture. You won’t miss this location on GPS.

The perfect capture. It is more than a direction here, you have an idea of the surface. Some coincidences are perfect!

Close Shot

Sometimes it is all about luck. If this rock was rolling slightly more to the left, the house will only be a memory. The stone might have overstepped its fun and hurt someone.

Say you were on the side of the house. Will the stone still be praised? Wait, where is the car?

Unwelcomed Guest

When you expect to see kids at your door for "Trick or Treat" it must be terrifying to find a moose instead. Especially when he is taking the treat without asking. Will the kids find it amazing?

I hope you will be familiar with your kids’ scream if this ever happens. It is interesting later. When it happens it will scare you.

Crazy Ride

We can probably all agree that there are scarier rides than the ferris wheel. Except for this specific ferris wheel which ended up being a terrible experience. Speed increases intensity of fire. Would you hear your own scream while on the ferris?

Fire and speed is not a pleasant combination. Stay or jump? There is no interesting option, maybe screaming.

Pill Side Effect

Before closing your laptop, always check nothing is on the keyboard. You might end up with a huge damage like this guy did. If you were worried, the pill is doing well. The manufacturer did not mention this side effect, will you sue?

Effect doesn’t have to be after ingestion. Next time check on your keyboard. There might be something with more chemicals than a pill.

Bad Parking Spot

You know hazards to avoid when parking. Avoid fruits from falling on it, birds from doing their business on it, and other cars from hitting it. However, how do you avoid from flying eggs to hit it?

Eggs are sticky and colorful. If you think yellow is bright, try eggs. How do you explain at the nex police check as you drive to clean up?

Bad Friend

Make sure you choose your friends wisely. Do not keep the friends that leave you buried in the sand, while being used as the bird’s toilet. Maybe they have gone back hoes for their shovels.

Who do you take as company to the beach? Birds will always be with you. Just don’t be stationary.

Baggage Claim

Guess what won't make it to its destination? The owner is probably all excited for his vacation, not knowing he is in for a surprise when landing. Destination is not always about effort.

The surprise might even be earlier. If the owner ha d a collection ready for the vacation. It won’t be a pleasant surprise.

The Fountain From Hell

What is your definition of amazing? Unless you are looking for a good location for filming a horror movie, this might be scary. The special effect for the bloody water is already there. Now you only need the actors, and action!

It is only exciting for the horror lover. I guess you won’t take a selfie here. It is only fit to look and go.

There is a Lake!

Thanks to GPS cars, swimming is now a surprise. Do you know the Office episode when they drive into the lake while listening to the GPS? Looks like things like that do not only happen on TV.

Cars also swim. Am not sure if the direction is still dependent on GPS. Otherwise it may not be exciting to be in the car.

Completely Normal

We all get sunburns but this is quite normal. That is what happens when you get a sun burn with a shaved head.

You come back with a dent just in the middle of your head. The scar on summer, normal. It is the sun not your skin. Everybody will understand.

It's a Massacre

It looks like a complete massacre. Thankfully, on a second look, you realize it is only laundry going completely wrong. This is what happens when you work too hard.

When you have to define the fabric. Laundry machines are not yet smart enough. Maybe regular checking will do next time.

Customer Take Over

Speaking of customer oriented services. When the customer thinks he is always right, he might also think he knows it all. Even better than the employee. Not sure that was what they meant by a self-checkout.

Self-service and self-checkout might be getting out of hand. Maybe it is good for customers. But what would be the cashier’s role?

Necessary Handrails

It is always a good idea to hold on to the handrails. However, sometimes it is completely necessary to stay alive. The bike or the rail? Choose fun.

At least you determine your fate here. Whether it is up or down, you have the choice. Holding on might be a safer option.

Broken Glass

Cheers? When you are clinking glasses with someone, make sure the bottom of the glass can endure it. Otherwise, you will end up in wet pants like this guy. In addition, probably pay more at the restaurant.

Not every toasting ends well. It is not about the lady, it is how you hold the glass. Seems the lady knows that better.

Does It Belong to Anyone?

Don’t you think a plane engine is amazing? The last thing you expect to find when hearing a loud noise from outside your house is probably a plane engine. What happened to the rest of it? Owners always come for it, you won’t have to advertise.

What’s the attraction on your wall? The engine had a malfunction in the air but is suddenly “fixed.” Only issue is the house can’t move.

Not Done

What do you do when the park gate closes before you are done passing? I guess the only solution is to pay twice. Is the ticket per car or in given time?

The park gate is too smart and therefore accurate. You might have to step out of the car. Hope it doesn’t close before you drive out.

Snowman Driving

Closing your car might also be about comfort the next day. This is not a surprise you want to find in your car before taking off to work. Maybe next time you will remember to keep the car's doors closed before getting inside the house.

Or you will have fun with a little cold on your seat and steering. Snow also loves some warmth. It takes any opening to find its way inside. You might wake up to a full car.

Not Suitable for Adults

Some things should only be used by children. You keep to your own things and let the kids enjoy theirs. Seemingly, the difference between kids and adults is not only age.

Love swinging? Try the steel structures. With every complete cycle you weaken the wood. Unless you are checking its sustenance, it is for kids.

While You Were Gone

Did you task a repair company while leaving in the morning? Maybe they are not yet done. Coming back home from work is always a happy occasion. Unless it looks like your home went under a major sandstorm while you were gone.

The sand thought its time to be part of your household. Surprise for you comes in a different version. Check the walls.

Brown Ice

When your upstairs neighbors are squirrels, do not be surprised if your icicles are not white. Squirrels decorate with frozen feces. You can evict them without a one-month notice.

There is always a stranger around or within the house. The stranger in this case doesn’t like you ignoring the presence. They have to do something to draw your attention. be nice.

Mistaken Package

The marketing department should have made the almond milk and the beef stock packages a bit more distinct. Be attentive when you are just from bed. Otherwise, you might mix the two in your morning coffee.

I hope you take coffee after shower. This mistake is easier if you are still in morning blues. The manufacturer seems to be tactful here.

Lucky Side Up

Don’t pick it up yet! Sometimes things usually drop on the wrong side, it is nice when they fall on the correct one for a change. Now how do you get it up without spilling?

Picking up is never the difficult part. How it feel and how it landed is the issue here. Would love to see how fast you can do this.

Enough Words

Communication is not always about words and elaboration. Sometimes you don't need many words to express how you feel. This short message is worth a thousand words.

Will you send another email or the recipient will understand this? A lecturer will be more interested in the mail. The message is clear!