Imagine Buying A Ring For $12 & Years Later Is Valued At One Million!


Every once in a while, we have all heard of or seen something that makes us think that miracles are for real and can happen to anyone. Either through our own beliefs or being in the right place at just the right time, there is always a chance that a guardian angel might just tap us on our shoulder. This story is one of those very rare moments in time!

Just recently, a woman was going through her stored items and found a ring she bought a very long time ago. She had found this ring in a thrift shop over 30 years earlier. She decided to see what she could get for it at a pawn shop. This woman was a charity worker and foster mom and a lot of money was not something she expected to show up on her horizon. At one point, she and her family had become victims of fraud and she needed to find ways to make ends meet.

Talk About Going From Rags To Riches!

We've all seen television shows where people have their family heirlooms appraised and some are actually quite amazing! But I'm not sure anything matches this woman's story of buying a ring found in the boot of a car.

That Twelve Dollars brought her One Million Dollars Hard Cash!! There is absolutely nothing else you could call this but a full-blown miracle!

As The Story Goes

33-years ago, while shopping in London at a flea market, 22-year-old Debra bought a cheap ring that would eventually change her life! She is a charity worker and foster mother for 20 kids. This particular flea market is quite popular for car boot sales. It's very similar to the show Storage Wars but in boots of cars, not in boxes or storage rooms.

In one of the cars, she found a nice ring that looked like it was made from glass. She thought it was pretty but then forgot about it for years to come.

Trying To Help Her Family Out

Recently, she was digging through stored items to find things to sell at a pawn shop. Her 72-year-old mother lost most of her money to a relative who scammed her. Debra was determined to help her family out and find things she could sell.

Seeing this ring, after so many years, she just hoped she could get something for it to help her mom.

The Jeweler Got The Surprise Of A Lifetime!

I can't imagine being the jeweler who took a gander at this ring. All he could do was ask her if she had any idea what she had. He informed her that the diamond was a real diamond but had no idea where it came from.

What he found even more amazing was learning that she had been wearing this ring from time to time for many years! She even wore the ring when doing everyday house chores like cleaning – can you imagine??

A Diamond In Disguise

As amazing as the entire story was, the jeweler understood how this ring could have gone totally unnoticed. He said the stone was probably cut a very long time ago, even over a hundred years. Back then, old technology was not as refined as it is today so it probably wouldn't sparkle. Also, the sparkle or shine to a diamond is not the value of the stone, it's the weight.

Another thing many people do not know, diamonds today are a great deal more pristine than way back when.

Back when, diamonds were a resource and not something of beauty. Even though a diamond's beauty can increase its worth like many other gems, these gems were considered investments should something happened to their finances or they went through a tough time. Now came the big questions, what could this diamond ring be worth?

It's Time For The Experts

In order to get more information, the jeweler realized he would have to reach out to the experts. He sent the diamond off to the Gemological Institute of America and was informed that this diamond was a shocking 26-carats. So, is that what decides the value of the diamond?

At this time, the diamond industry is going through many changes which makes placing a value on this ring is a great deal more difficult.

So, What's Happening In The Diamond Industry?

Like so many other issues circling the world today, the younger generation has very strong negative feelings toward diamond mining in the future. Probably the biggest concern is the treatment of the miners and their living conditions, both being really bad.

Diamond mining has also created a major impact on our environment and mining, in general, has come under scrutiny. That said, the resources are dwindling so those opposed to diamond mining probably will not have much of a push back.

Are Diamond Mines Drying Up?

According to experts, diamond mines are not being discovered anymore and those that are in existence are drying up pretty quickly.

Patrick Evans, former Chief Executive of the Canadian “Dominion Diamond”, along with others including De Beers, specializing in diamond exploration, and Perlamoro Jewelry are getting together to start producing their own company that will sell lab-grown diamonds. This market will definitely draw attention and create competition because there are still millions of people looking for real diamonds.

Let's Hear From Hollywood!

There are plenty of celebrities that have spoken up about mining diamonds. Reese Witherspoon, Gal Gadot, and Meghan Markle are strong advocates for lab-grown diamonds vs the real deal.

As heard from other issues in the U.S, people are listening to social implications and paying attention to economic situations. As the future for diamonds is pretty sketchy, what does all of this mean to Debra's 26-carat diamond?

The Price Of Diamonds Is On The Rise

For the time being, with fewer natural diamonds being mined and the creation of cheaper lab-grown diamonds taking their place, the cost for natural diamonds is definitely on the rise. There are still many people who believe that a natural diamond is the only real diamond and they have no intentions of purchasing fakes.

With this growing concern, people are more than willing to pay more money for the real deal. For now, it looks like the diamond industry is coming to a screeching halt and manufactured diamonds are the only available ones for sale.

So, What's Up With Diamond Companies?

While diamond mining has come under scrutiny, so have the diamond companies. These companies have become very corrupt and drawing a lot of negative attention from the public. A lot of their problems stem from their very poor treatment of their employees and their enormous financial power used to influence others.

This, in turn, has caused many people to turn their backs on giving money to these businesses and their horrible practices. It's highly probable that the days of diamonds will come to an end.

Enter Sotheby's

With all of this going on, auctions are getting higher bids for diamonds than ever before. Sellers are raking in some very serious cash and enjoying every minute. Debra decided to take her precious diamond to Sotheby's where it received a heck of a lot of attention from viewers.

Adding to that, the auction house said the diamond had a pink shade to it. This is even greater news! They told Debra that pink diamonds are worth even more than her jeweler thought. A pink diamond is one of the only two most expensive colored diamonds in the world!

Sotheby's is Debra's Guardian Angel!

When the diamond was put up for auction at Sotheby's, it sold for £740,000 or $950,000 USD. Needless to say, she was stunned! She never ever expected to see that kind of money. The outcome was well beyond her wildest expectations.

If earlier in her life someone had predicted she would come into this kind of wealth, she would have probably just walked away.

After All Was Said & Done

After the auction house took their fees and Sotheby's took their cut of the pie, Debra walked away with close to £500,000!

That might not be a million but I don't know anyone who wouldn't be on cloud nine! Debra and her family certainly do feel they have been so incredibly lucky and are walking around on cloud nine

The Days To Come

Debra did not have a clue what to use the money for. Because of everything her family was put through before their luck turned around, she decided to spend the money on her mom who had lost absolutely everything.

She bought a coat for her mom for the coming winter season. From there, things got even better!

Mom's Dream Comes True

After the announcement of the Auction's turn out, June (Mom) was on her way to see both Celine Dion and Tom Jones live in concert, a dream come true. Who wouldn't want to see one of or both of these legends on stage once in their lifetime?

I think that June is such an honest person, that good things were bound to follow her!

Even More Gifts To Come

Without a doubt, June had a wonderful time at the concerts but her daughter wasn't finished yet. Debra was far from done lavishing gifts and had no plans of stopping anytime soon. She said that the karma for the bad things that had happened to their lives and her mom being robbed of everything brought them to where they are today.

Her next gift was meant to make up for the unbelievable hardships they had gone through and thinking there was no good outcome up ahead.

It's Time To Go On Vacation

Ask yourself what you would do if you received half a million dollars? It might even be something that Debra decided to do next. With no warning, her mom was suddenly holding an airline ticket to Barbados for a much-needed vacation and total relaxation.

She thought this was something she never could have dreamed of. Then, Debra's other plan for the rest of the money was even more unbelievable.

Here Charitable Actions Keep Moving Along

One thing I will say, Debra has not spent any of this money from the sale of her diamond on herself and she doesn't plan on doing so. She is comfortable where she lives in the projects and her living environment. Her home is located near her charity but decided the next level she wanted to move onto was starting her own business. Debra deciding to start her own business was inspired by one small coincidence of a rare diamond that sparked this amazing turn of events in her life.

Believe it or not, she decided to set up a jewelry firm that searches for vintage items stored in the back of car boots. She has started to believe that you just never know what you might just find. I personally wish her new business all the very best!

Events In Her New Jewelry Firm Are Finding Their Way Into A Book!

At this time, Debra is working on a book about her findings with her new firm. Once the book is on the market, she plans on donating the profits to charities for runaway children and for youth leadership organizations.

She does not believe the money is that important to her. Almost everyone would agree that she was truly worthy of the diamond that found its way to her door. We will probably never know how such a rare and valuable diamond ended up the boot of a car. What we do know, there is no doubt that a diamond truly is a girl's best friend.All the very best to you Debra and your awesome family!

All Tied Up

If you are someone who finds it very difficult to believe that fairy tales can come true, think about this story and then reconsider that thought. I think anything can come true if you walk in the sunshine, care about others, and carry a positive thought in your heart. Yes, Debra, Fairy Tales Do Come True!

A Police Officer Helping Out A Woman Who Was Walking 12-Miles To Work, Has A Happy Ending!

I'd like to share a story with you about a woman who walked 12-miles a day back and forth from work and the police officer who would turn her life around.

Every day Jaylesya Corbett walked 12 miles along sidewalks, making her way to and from her place of work to feed her family. On this particular day, she realized an approaching car was following her! Keeping her eyes affixed ahead, she tried desperately to ignore him. With each turn, the car kept getting closer while slowing down. She prayed this man would go away but felt a horrible fear of doom hanging over her.

Fear Had Sunken In

At one point, she decided to brave it and looked back at the vehicle. She noticed the car had flashing blue and red lights and immediately realized it was a police car! He clearly startling her, when he blew his horn while coming to a full stop. For a few seconds, she racked her brain trying to understand why a police officer would follow her!

She had never done anything wrong, was polite in public and never ever lost her temper. Each morning, she would greet her neighbors with a smile and a wave. So, why would he all of sudden come up to her ordering her to stop!

Sgt. Scott Bass

On this particular day, Sgt. Bass was on his way to work at the Nash County Sheriff's Office to report for duty. He was in the area of the Stone Gate Mobile Home Community when he was surprised to see this familiar woman walking along.

He had spent quite a few days hoping to see this woman again. He felt like he had unfinished business with her and was not going to blow this golden opportunity to meet up with her.

Then As Storm Moved In

Jaylesya was used to walking to her place of work at the fast-food place Bojangles. She found the walk tolerable because she was used to making this long trek. Unfortunately, on this day a storm moved in. The rain added to her difficulty trying to get to her destination. She always brought along an umbrella in case of rain but on this day, for some reason, the umbrella wouldn't open! She had a long way to go before reaching work, she was soaked from the downpour but stayed focused trying to avoid puddles along the sidewalk.

Adding to that, running into a police officer who clearly was watching her, made the struggle even harder. His appearance was the last thing she would have ever imagined.

This Was Unwelcomed Attention

Jaylesya always knew that walking to work on a sunny day made things less difficult and she always prayed for good weather. On this day, the wind was gusting, the rain was pouring down, and she felt like she was in the midst of hurricane conditions!

This walk was ten times worse than her average day of traveling to her job. In her mind, she knew she could deal with the weather conditions to get to Bojangles. After all, she had a family that needed to be taken care of and that care was squarely on her shoulders. Having a police officer following her, was almost the last straw!

Her Daily Trek

Jaylesya would do everything in her power to make her daily trek as easy as possible. She bought comfortable shoes knowing how important it is to have good footwear if you are walking long distances. Sadly, those shoes were no match to this storm that had moved in. Her feet were soaked. She was experiencing pain from blisters forming on her feet and toes. She had always walked a long way but now her feet were in total misery, shouting out for relief!

Every day, like clockwork, she walked to Bojangles and then back home in the afternoon. It might seem unbelievable that she traveled 12 miles back and forth to make more money for her family. She firmly believed that no one, including this cop, was going to stop her from doing what she knew was the right thing to do.

The Moment That Would Change Her Life

The weather, the 12-mile hike, the tailing cop were no match to her unbending determination. She would do anything for her children and even at times when the trek was difficult, she thought it was a small sacrifice to pay for her kids.

Remaining focused on never letting her family down, fueled her determination every day.

It's Time To Face This Police Officer

At one point, Jaylesya Corbett realized she could no longer pretend the police officer was not there or she could just ignore his blowing the car's horn and go away. Instead of racking her brain trying to figure out what she could have possibly done wrong, she decided to just stop and standstill.

She started thinking about her 12-mile walk and wondered if she had become a problem for oncoming traffic passing by her on the highway and even putting herself in harm's way. But why, on this today, would her daily travels be brought to her attention? She had plenty of negative thoughts. What if she had done something she was unaware of? What if this police officer just grabbed her, put in the backseat of the car, and drove her to jail? What would happen to her family?

Welcome To A Pleasant Surprise!

She took a deep breath, remained calm, and walked up to the police car. Her heart was pounding as she approached him while reading “Sheriff Nash County, on the side of his vehicle. She had no idea what to say but tried to remain calm.

Actually, he spoke first and she heard words that absolutely floored her! Even though he spoke in a very soft voice, she had a really hard time digesting what he was saying. But once she realized how calmly he was speaking, her fears and anxieties started to melt away.

What's Her Fate?

Sgt. Bass introduced himself and told her she needed to get out of the street. She detected a sense of authority in his tone when he asked her to get into his cruiser. She told him she had to get to work. Sgt. Bass picked up on the panic in her voice as if her arguing would decide her life's outcome. That said, he still repeated his words that she needed to get into the car.

Jaylesya realized that no matter what, he was not going to leave her behind so she followed his orders and got in. Now she realized there was no way she would win this argument and he was in complete control.

What's Next?

Jaylesya felt completely helpless just sitting in the car and not knowing if she was in danger or not. The officer continued driving without saying a word. Looking at his calm face, she realized he had made up his mind, whether good or bad. Her head was spinning because all she could do was think of her family with their faces materializing in her head.

Also, her job was on her mind because she could not afford to lose it! Her fears and anxieties started to resurface.

The Endless, Silent Drive

At one point, she wondered if he was bringing her to the police station for questioning, as the officer just continued to drive on. Even though she was not placed in handcuffs, it didn't ease her concerns.

The silence was unbearable and quite deafening as he just kept driving. Sgt. Bass's eyes were affixed on the road. Jaylesya continued looking at him, pleading for some form of conversation. It was obvious there would be no conversation, he never looked at her in the review mirror. Fearing she might say something wrong, she decided to stay still and try to appear calm.

Is Patience Really The Right Approach?

As the rain hammered the police car and the surrounding area, Bass did slow down to obey the speed limits. Jaylesya felt this ride was taking a really long time and how could it last much longer? Due to the bad weather, she decided this was not the time to distract his focus from driving. What Bass didn't realize, she was so stressed out she felt she would pass out from sheer fear.

She told herself that instead of trying to start a conversation, she would just think happy thoughts. She always knew how to deal with challenges and knew deep down she had done absolutely nothing wrong while dealing with this bazaar situation. She decided she would just go with the flow and see what would happen next.

As the trip continued, she started regretting just sitting back and going with the flow. As her confusion began to clear, common sense stepped in. She realized that cop or no cop, this man had no right stopping her and placing her in the cruiser without one word why this was happening.

While being a respectful person, she knew she had the right to know why she was possibly under arrest! Even though he might be a nice person, he still needed to tell her what was going on instead of remaining silent. She was on the brink of saying something when she realized they were pulling up to her place of work!

Going To Her Place Of Work?

When she realized they were heading to her place of work, absolute panic set in. The sheer thought that her manager and fellow coworkers would see her in the backseat of a police cruiser, was almost unbearable. What would her boss think about her situation? Although it might be easy to jump to conclusions, this was not looking good to her.

As a mother who is the sole provider for her children, losing her job would be a complete disaster. This entire situation could completely ruin her reputation and it might be impossible to find another job that would hire her. Through re-evaluation, she started believing she should have just run when first confronted by Bass. Chances would be that he would not have chased after her in the rain.

There's A Kind Heart Behind This

Driving to his job at the Sheriff's Office of Nash County every day, Bass came to hear the story behind this woman who walks 12 miles, every day whether rain or shine. He chose to remain silent knowing she was probably thinking some negative thoughts but he really meant her no harm.

Back to first seeing her, he knew she worked at Bojangles by her uniform. He also realized that walking 12 miles every day was no easy course for this woman. Seeing her walking in the pouring rain without an umbrella just about broke his heart. He knew in his heart of hearts, that she did not deserve this and wanted to do something really wonderful for her.

Walking 12 Miles Every Day Is Almost Impossible

Sgt. Bass could not understand walking 12 miles every day to and from work. From the first time he heard about her situation, seeing her doing everything possible for her family against impossible odds, was more than he could bear. He also gained a great deal of respect for her.

He didn't know much about this woman except she was a mother who was willing to sacrifice her health and safety for the sake of her children. Even though he believed in the concept of a Mother Bear protecting her young, seeing someone who would go beyond all limits to feed her young was absolutely mind-boggling. Being a cop for a long time, he was tough but this woman found a soft spot in his heart.

A Heartwarming Gesture Should Be Remembered

Finally, Jaylesya realized what this cop was doing, he was giving her a ride to work. Going to work and returning home took up over 4 hours of her entire day. Keep in mind, it's only 4 hours in good weather!

She had no idea what to say when he showed her such incredible generosity. Sgt. Bass said he would give her a ride to work every time the weather was bad. He would assure everyone at his work that they were heading in the same direction which would justify giving her a lift. He never let on how impressed he was with her unwavering determination. She, on the other hand, was warmed by his incredible generosity. What she didn't know, this was only the beginning of a truly life-changing moment in time.

Sgt. Bliss Felt He Needed To Do More

He developed enormous respect for this woman who unselfishly was willing and able to get to her job every day so she could provide for her kids. Even though most women take on their fair share of work and raising their children, Jaylesya was somehow different.

Even though it was not in his job description to drive her to work when it rained and certainly was not his responsibility, he couldn't get beyond the idea that her daily struggle was unbelievable. While he knew she was a hardworking mom, he was battling with his thoughts that he needed to do even more.

An Unexpected Gift

Sgt. Bass kept his word and continued to give her a ride to work, but she didn't understand why one day he wanted to meet up with her. It wasn't raining and she didn't have a clue why he wanted to see her. Then again, this was a man that had been so incredibly kind to her.

Sgt. Bass asked if she would meet him at the Sheriff's Office. Although she had no idea what it was about, she was sure he meant no harm to her. When he saw her, he reached into his vehicle and pulled out a really special large present. It was a Schwinn Fairhaven Women's Cruiser bicycle.! As he handed it to her, he said this is a present for you.

One Very Kind Act

On her way to meeting Sgt. Bass, she still had a nagging feeling that something was wrong. When he handed her that beautiful Schwinn Fairhaven Women's Cruiser bicycle, she only felt ashamed for such thoughts and was absolutely speechless! Kindness from adults was not something she experienced very often and was as rare as finding an ancient valuable coin!

Looking at the bike, Jaylesya was at a total loss for words. Then within an instant, she realized her life was about to change for the better. The simple act of kindness from Sgt Bass made her realize there is humanity out there, it's just not as often experienced.

Sgt. Bass's Admiration

He believes that Jaylesya is one of the most admirable people he has ever met in his life. She didn't care if she had blisters from walking 12 miles to and from work, she did it for her kids. On top of that, her job required that she stand all day, which made things even a little bit harder.

Although he doesn't believe he really did all that much, he just hoped he could help reduce her daily challenges. He seized the opportunity to help her out anyway he could. For a mother who faced so many issues, including all kinds of weather, just to raise her family in a decent way gave him a feeling of admiration for the woman and some peace of mind.

So What Is Considered Deserving?

Most people are lucky have a car or have the money to take public transportation. These same people have opted to take a bike for a healthier lifestyle. For Jaylesya, her bike made all the difference in the world. Her legs and feet were no longer taking the full brunt of her trek to and from work. This incredible gift of a bike made everything so much easier.

Even though it's still hard for her to receive something like this from someone who, in reality, was a complete stranger, she knows this was something very special. She knew that Sgt. Bass was not doing this in the name of charity but made her feel like she really did deserve it. It really touched her heart that someone understood her hard work.

Spread The Word

The meeting between Sgt. Bass was quickly captured and recorded by other police officers from the Nash County Sheriff's Office. The video was posted on YouTube and in a matter of hours, received over 6,000 views. The comments and likes by the community were amazing regarding this life-changing moment.

The Nash County Sheriff's police were very proud of their fellow officer's generosity. They too were completely impressed by this woman's story and truly believed she deserved this gift from Sgt. Bass. They also added a post to the video recognizing his generosity for providing a helping hand to those in need.

A Model For All

There is no doubt that many people do not trust police officers, as witnessed as of late. But like any other profession, there are good apples and there are bad apples in the bunch. Who would have ever thought that a seasoned officer like Bass would have even noticed a woman silently struggling every single day?

Sgt. Bass clearly set a new level of inspiration for other officers. His kindness is proof that it does not matter how big or how small an outreached hand is. The most valuable part is the thought of helping out those who are in need. Sgt. Bass went out of his way to help someone and changed her life for the better, even though it was not in his job description.

Would You Reach Out?

Since the release of the video, people in the media sought after her and she gladly gave them an interview. When asked how she felt, she told them it was a shock but also an incredible dream come true.

At one time, she was totally unaware that Sgt. Bass knew about her struggle and 12-mile walk every day. All she ever thought about during her hike was getting to work on time and little did she know that someone was watching over her and admiring her incredible determination. Thanks to Sgt. Bass, she no longer walks 12-miles back and forth to work.

This Was Hard For A Good Man To Ignore

Sgt. Bass cold have very easily driven to and from work and totally ignored this woman. But as time went on, and the more he saw her, the thought that she was struggling just kept creeping up in his thoughts. From the day he saw her walking in the rain to get to work, he realized he could not look away.He needed to do something.

His mission as a police officer is to serve and protect. Seeing Jaylesya Corbett risking her health and life every single day to provide for her family, he knew he had to do to something to make her life a little bit better. He knew the gift of a bike was nothing in comparison to the sacrifices she made for her kids.

A Mother's Love Is Priceless:

Being a mother is very hard from the time of birth until the very end. A mother's love is priceless. Mothers will go without food to ensure their child is fed and only think of themselves as the lowest priority.

Jaylesya Corbett is one of those amazing people who will give all to the well-being of her family. She never minded walking 4 hours a day to get to work and back home to provide more money for her kids. Her love for her family is her strength and resilience.

A Wonderful Memory For A Lifetime:

Jaylesya never would have expected that a total stranger would notice her struggles and perseverance and reach out. All she ever wanted to do was to provide for her children and showing up at work on time, is a must!

Sgt. Bass reminded her that good things can happen at the most unexpected moments and there are wonderful people out there willing to offer a helping hand and make this world a better place.