How To Lose Weight In 28 Days Healthily - The Lazy Way


Let’s admit it: we all hate diets. Most of the time, all the weight we lose with them, comes back right after we finish those dreadful meal plans. Many diets tend to be extremely restrictive with what you can or can’t eat, without giving you much possibility of trading one food for another.

However, there’s a way to lose weight without worrying about the yo-yo effect, and it’s by simply changing our habits.

Here’s when our small challenge comes along: why not trying these changes at least for one month, and see if they stick?

Wouldn’t hurt to try, would it? Then step on with us on this quick guide on how to lose weight in 28 days, healthily without much effort!

Cut The Carbs

The easiest way to start losing weight is by cutting the amount of carbohydrates we consume. It’s surprising the amount of damage a simple can of Coke every day can be for our bodies.

So what’s the problem with carbs anyway? Well, when our glycaemia (blood sugar levels) rises, the glucose from carbs is stored in our liver and muscles. However, there is so much that both the muscles and liver can store—once past a certain level, glucose will be converted into fat by the liver.

As such, a continuous excess of glucose in our system can make us sleepy and hungry when those levels drop. Likewise, when you lower the amount of carbs you consume, the amount of insulin in your bloodstream will diminish, causing the release of water from fat cells. This way, fat can also be used as a fuel resource.

This occurrence explains why athletes can sit down with a giant bowl of pasta and not get fat. It is because their body is constantly burning the glucose so there is never any excess. That means that you need to keep those carbs at certain levels and are prepared to also exercise. Remember, we’re not cutting the carbs completely—they are an important fuel for our brains!

Similarly, carbs are not only found in candy and sweets. They can also be found (in excess!) in some fruits and vegetables. Which brings me to this conclusion: it’s about the amount and quality of carbs we consume. We mustn’t abuse the quantity!

Drink Lots Of Water

Human bodies are mostly made up of water. It’s pretty much what powers our entire body. The general rule is that you should consume between 0.5 ounces to 1 ounce of water per pound of weight.

Get Plenty Of Sleep

The less sleep you get, the less time you give your body to repair itself. It’s a known fact by now that lack of sleep affects the level of ghrelin (the hormone that controls hunger), making it more abundant, and thus we get hungrier!

Calculate Your Daily Caloric Needs And Macros

The only real way you can lose weight is by putting your body into a caloric deficit. How do you do that? By burning more calories than you consume, be it by exercise or less food consumption. Don’t take this to the extreme. Some people take this to the extreme and lower their calories to ridiculously low levels, which is a big mistake. It’s better to consume a healthy amount of calories that your body is naturally going to burn, and complement them with light or moderate exercise.

Use this calculator to find your basal metabolic rate and caloric needs.

You will also need to calculate your macros, which are the main macronutrients you’re your body needs:

  • Carbohydrates
  • Proteins
  • Fats

Try this awesome calculator to find your macros!

Plan Your Meals

Understanding your caloric and macronutrients needs will be extremely helpful to plan your meals without depriving yourself of any food you like. Remember we’re not dieting, we are changing our lifestyle!