How Often Should You Be Cleaning?


What does tidying up mean to you? Vacuuming/mopping the floors, dusting, wiping counters and surfaces, and giving the bathroom a good scrub? Whether you’re a self-proclaimed neat freak who sets aside time to clean every day or you prefer to do a deep clean on a day off, chances are you’re probably missing a spot or two. And that’s ok!

Unless you’re a professional cleaner, you probably don’t know these things. Read our list to ensure you’re keeping your home and possessions clean.How Often Should You Be Cleaning …


They should be washed after three to four uses. Towels are designed for extra absorption, so you’ll notice them feeling heavy and damp if they go too long without washing.


Bed sheets.

Once a week or every two weeks. Even if you don’t have the luxury of sleeping in every day, you end up logging many hours in your bed sheets over the course of a week. Like clothes, bedsheets absorb sweat and dirt, so be sure to keep them fresh! If you share your bed with a furry friend, aim for once a week.



Sheets are good protectors, but they aren’t enough to keep your bedding completely fresh. Give your bare pillows and duvet some love by giving them two laundry days per year.



Bras are delicate and expensive, so it’s understandable if you don’t want to wear them down in the wash. However, they’re also worn in a prime location for sweat and oil so you should be washing them after a few wears.


Upholstery (couch, chairs, etc).

If a couch gets left alone for too long, things can start looking gross underneath the cushions. You don’t have to add couch to your general chore list, but it’s good to lift up the cushions and see what’s going on once a month. Add cushion covers to the laundry once every few weeks.


Window sills.

Often overlooked, window sills are a very easy place to gather dirt and dust. They’re basically outside with all the dirt and dust! This means they should be cleaned every week or two to avoid excess buildup. Pro tip: use a toothbrush to really get in the corners.



Maybe you’ve heard horror stories of the average keyboard being dirtier than a public toilet. Maybe you just like to snack while you watch Netflix. If you regularly wash your hands you don’t have too much to worry about, but you should still give your computer a wipe once or twice a month.


Makeup brushes.

Old makeup can clog pores and also contain germs, so keep your brushes fresh by giving them a wash once per week. Consider them a part of laundry day, only with baby shampoo in the sink.


Water bottle.

It’s easy to see when a dish is dirty. A water bottle? Not so much. But since it’s used multiple times throughout the day (ideally), it needs to be washed daily or even after every use. Consider giving it a quick wash before you refill, or just add it to your last round of dishes if you’re short for time.


It’s a bit more effort than you might have thought, but your surroundings will be sparkling clean!