Fate Unites Adopted Girl To Her Biological Family


Human nature is quite complex and sometimes quite puzzling. This is more so when it comes to adopted children’s desire to find out about their biological parents. Even if the child gets all the love and care from the parents who adopted them, there is always a sense of emptiness in their hearts. It is quite often that the majority of adopted children at one stage of their lives will ask this common question: “Who are my biological parents and where are they now?”. Hillary Harris, an adopted child who received all the love and care any biological parents would give their own children, asked this very question and she started looking for her biological family for several years. She eventually succeeded in her mission and what she found was totally unexpected.

Hillary was just not even a year old when her biological father dropped her at an orphanage. However, she got lucky. She was soon adopted by another family and the lovely couple raised her as their own child with love and care. Hillary had a pretty normal childhood and she never felt that something was missing in her life. She was a girl full of innocence and very much contented with what she has.

However, by the time she reached her teen years, her parents started to feel the pressure of whether to break the news about her biological truth. After several years of deliberations, they decided finally gathered enough courage to break the news to the daughter they took as their very own. Luckily, Hillary by this time was mature enough to understand her story. She was grateful to them for looking after her and for all the things they gave here.

However, as years rolled by, she started wondering about her biological parents - whether they are still alive or where they live. As she ponders more about her mysterious past, the yearning for finding her biological parents became stronger each passing day. Even then Hillary had contended that she was adopted and live with her parents as nothing changed. She loves them dearly, even more so. The young lady eventually married a man named Lance Harris and they moved to Wisconsin. Soon she became a mother to a baby girl and her desire to find her biological parents takes centre stage again.

Search for biological parents

Hillary was not depressed. In fact, she was happy about her life. Yet, the natural instinct in her yearned to know her biological parents. Her search began by retrieving the old box from her parents home and in that she found an old adoption paper her parents signed when they took her under their care.

However, the file was not comprehensive enough to immediately locate her biological family. She was able to find out the name of her father - Wayne Clouse. She also learned that she had a half-sister from her father’s side named Dawn Johnson.

It's Time For The Experts

In addition to the family data, she found out the name of the orphanage from where she was adopted. However, to her dismay when she visited the address all she could find was an abandoned orphanage. She even went about the neighborhood and asked for any information that may help her.

Sadly, there was simply no additional information which she could use. Was this the dead-end in her quest to find her biological family? The never-give-up attitude she imbibed from her parents gave her the much-needed strength to continue her mission.

Searching on the Internet

Finally, Hillary started searching the names over the internet. She went to Facebook and entered the name of her half-sister Dawn Johnson in the search box. Pop comes thousands of profile by the same name.

There was no way she could know which of them was her half-sister even as she browsed through the profiles as they’ve never met before. Then something the unexpected happened.

The New Neighbors

Hillary had virtually given up the hope of finding her biological family by this time. However, one fine day as she was taking a walk in the lawns of her house, saw her new neighbours were moving in. She decided to greet them with a simple “Hello” and move on. However, Hillary started chatting: “Hello, my name is Hillary. I’m your next-door neighbour. I guess you are new in this area”.

The woman admitted that she and her husband were new to the city and they had only moved in a couple of nights before. The woman then introduced herself as “Dawn”. Hillary immediately wondered if this could be the woman she had been looking for. She quickly went inside her house and narrated to her husband what just happened. “Could that “Dawn” be your sister?” Lance asked

Later, Hillary found out that her new neighbour also came from Greenwood area which was in her adoption papers. The couple weighs in all the pros and cons about Dawn and it seemed impossible that she would have any biological links with Hillary.

Even though Hillary was dying to ask her new neighbour’s surname, she could not gather enough courage to do so. She felt that the other woman may think she was invading her privacy if she suddenly pops the question: “What is your surname?”

The revelation

Days and months passed and Hillary still could not muster enough courage to ask Dawn the crucial question. Eight months after Dawn and her husband Kurt moved into the neighbourhood, something unexpected happened on a fine Sunday morning in August. As Hillary was taking a walk she saw a stack of shingles outside her neighbour’s house with an address “Dawn Johnson”

She immediately called out her husband Lance, saying: “It’s got to be her.” He rushed out of the house and convinced his wife to talk to the woman. So, they knocked on the door and Dawn opened it.

Lance started a simple conversation about random stuff even as both him and Hillary were dying to ask the much-awaited question. Hillary just kept on staring Dawn’s hands and curly hair. The couple finally left without asking Dawn here family background.

Dawn had noticed Hillary’s strange behaviour and she became very suspicious. Hillary spent the whole day pondering over the awkward meeting. She stood in front of the mirror and looked at herself again and again.

She realised that Dawn looked very much like her in physical features, especially the hands and the hair. Finally, she sent a text message to Dawn who was on a family trip with her husband.

“Were you queen at the Loyal Corn Fest in 1983?”. This was the only clue she could now use from her adoption file.

Dawn saw the strange message and she became more suspicious. “How can she know that I was the Fest queen,” she wondered. How can her neighbour knew about her personal life when they never talked about such issues in their conversation before.

So, Dawn replied: “Why are you asking that?” Hillary couldn't control herself and she immediately sent another message asking Dawn her father’s name. Dawn replied her father’s name was “Wayne Clouse” and he passed away in 2010.

Hillary and Lance were filled with joy as they read Dawn’s message. The couple then called up Dawn and exchange more information about their family background to make sure the women were sisters. After realizing they were in fact sisters, the two families talked over the phone the entire night. The sisters laughed and cried over the new discoveries in their lives.

The Reunion

Dawn returned from her trip the next morning and directly went to Hillary’s house with some flowers and old pictures of their father. They greeted one another excitedly with “Hey sister”. The sisters couldn’t believe fate brought them together after years of separation in the strangest manner. Dawn was equally excited to have a new family. Not only has she found her long-lost sister, but also became an aunt to her sister’s five-year-old daughter. Hillary, in turn, became a good aunt to her sister’s children.

After years of longing and searching for her biological family, Hillary finally got all she had wished for as a young teenager. She sees Dawn not just as her elder sister but considers her like a mother.