Crazy Cars People Actually Drive


When it comes to cars, most of us play it safe. We'll take a four-door sedan or go a little crazy and get new rims, but that's as wild as it gets. And it makes sense; we can't go driving around in car covered in feathers or made of lego...right?

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Well, the answer may not be as one-sided as you thought. There are crazy cars that are actually being driven around town; you just haven't seen them yet. Here's our list of the 40 craziest cars people are driving.

Everyday Things Car

Quilted Car

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Sometimes, you just want to cuddle up under some blankets while your grandma brings over warm chicken soup and a cup of tea. This owner took the feeling of grandma's house with them by creating this quilted car.

No matter where they are, they're always warm and toasty in their car. Is it just us, or are you getting grandma fever as well? We want some of grandma's cooking too!

Timberland Boot Car

This car has to be from Canada, there's just no other way, right? Wait, we mean, eh? The Timberlands are a beloved Canadian fashion statement, but we never thought we'd see a giant one.

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This is possibly the most patriotic thing we've seen all year. The detail is so intricate, it even has the classic Timberland laces. This car brings tears to Canadians and lumberjacks around the world. Well done, friends. Well done. We couldn't have done better.

Twist-top Car

As a kid, you probably played with twist-top cars, ramming them into walls and occasionally your parent's feet. It's a toy literally everyone grew up playing with, which what makes this car so special to many people.

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Though they remain a childhood favorite, you probably didn't think someone would make a car inspired by one, did you? Twist the top and watch this car go for miles and miles. Wait, you don't actually have the twist the top, right?

Toilet Car

Who does love potty humor? After seeing this car, we can't get enough! The driver decided to paint himself doing what he loves most...pooping.

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This car brings a smile to even the grumpiest of people and makes you think, "wait, he's not actually pooping in his car, right?" Well, one thing's for sure, none of his kids are going to want to drive his car. Maybe that was his master plan.

Telephone Car

Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy, so here's my number, and call me maybe. With a car like this, the driver will never be able to use the "I left my phone at home" excuse. With a giant red body and handset, it's hard to miss it.

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All we want to know is if it actually works? Who needs a smartphone when you can drive a giant phone!


The ultimate car for people with shoe fetishes, this car is the perfect heel. Before this, you could only admire heels from afar, but now, you can ride to work and back in one. This pink heel is sexy, yet functional.

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And if you've worn heels before, you know those two characteristics rarely go together. But the future is here, so save yourself years of back pain and ditch your heels. Grab the keys and ride one instead.

Running Shoe Car

Who needs to go for a walk when you have this car? When you're feeling lazy, just grab the keys and go for a ride. This running shoe car gives you the *feeling* you worked out while driving to your nearest McDonalds or Dairy Queen.

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If anything, everyone should have this car in their driveway and give Nike a run for their money. Clearly, the owner of the car decided to ditch the gym and design a car that'll do all the hard work for them.

Shoe Car

It's going to be hard not to get this shoe scuffed on the road, but let's be honest, does it even matter? You're driving a giant shoe! If you've been wondering when someone is going to make a car out of a giant shoe, the future is here.

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This classic Oxford shoe will elegantly take you from day to night in a single tank of gas. Just don't ask us if they have your size.

Animal Cars

Cat Car

People really love designing cars after animals, don't they? This is the last car on the list, but nevertheless, it's one of the cutest. This person is *definitely* a cat lover, and we have full respect for them going all the way.

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The pink body gives an unrealistic touch to the cat, but it's for the better. Can you imagine seeing a giant cat driving down the highway? It would induce a couple of heart attacks, that's for sure.

Angler Fish Car

Is it Halloween yet? See, we're used to cute and cuddly animals - this Angler Fish car gives us the creeps! The giant spiky teeth, and the light hanging from its head, this car says one thing and one thing only: stay away from me!

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And you know what? We're not going to argue with it. You want the left lane? Take it! You want the right lane? It's all yours! Actually, we don't even know why we're driving, let us get off the road for you!

Pig Car

Pigs are the sweetest animals to walk the planet. Their pink skin, curly tails, and pouty snouts are things we all obsess about when we spot a pig on Facebook or Instagram. In other words, how can you *not* obsess over them?

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We totally understand why this drive paid ode to the beloved animal with this design. Though we wouldn't necessarily want to drive this into town, it's a cute car to admire from afar. We're just wondering why the pig doesn't have any eyes. It's a little creepy, isn't it?

Mosaic Shark Car

Have you ever tried to make a mosaic? If not, there's a reason for that; it's incredibly challenging. So, try to imagine making a giant mosaic of a shark on your entire car. Is there an award for this?

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This car takes Shark Week to a completely new level, and we're digging it. From the fins to the teeth, no detail was missed in the making of this glistening shark. Where do you even get a car like this? Asking...for a friend...

Rhino Car

The perfect car for aggressive drives around the world, the rhino car. They look calm, but underneath, they're full of intense rage, ramming into the first person who looks at them wrong.

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If you've been in a car with an aggressive driver, you've probably spent most of your time hiding in your seat. Well, hide no further! This rhino car will politely let everyone know that this driver means business, serious business.

Bunny Car

They're squishy, they're fuzzy, and they have buck teeth. In other words, they're the cutest animals on the planet. Why wouldn't you want to roll in a bunny car? We're pretty sure no one is going to question you on your motives for designing a car like this.

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If anything, people will nod their heads and say, "We get it. Bunnies are great." The next thing you know, everyone will have bunny cars. How has this not yet become a trend?

Swan Car

The catch is you can only ride in this chariot until midnight! We're kidding; this car isn't a part of a fairytale; it's real, very real. We think the owner is either a huge bird fan or loves fairytales.

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Either way, we kinda dig this car. It's elegant, but also on the flip side, it's a giant swan on wheels. What we want to know is, can this car float in water? We're tempted to give it a try.

Lobster Car

Can you imagine driving around a lobster car? Neither can we. We're not saying people don't love lobsters; they're delicious. Slap some butter on a streaming-hot lobster, and you'll be in heaven.

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Would we have a giant lobster in our car? We're not so sure. We wouldn't call these crustaceans endearing or cute, so if you're single, this definitely isn't a first-date car. You should wait a couple of more dates until you surprise them with a giant lobster.

Panda Car

Who doesn't love pandas, honestly? If you don't, you're a psycho. There, we said it. Pandas are adorable, chubby, and looking like they're always smiling. They're loved by everyone; even China worships the Panda bear.

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Making a panda-inspired car is the least we can do to worship this irresistibly cute animal. Is it just us, or when you look at this car, you immediately want to pet it. Right? That's the power of the panda.

Rooster Car

Cock-a-doodle-doo. This car is definitely a statement piece. We can only assume the owner is a chicken farmer or...a big fan of fried chicken? Either way, this is definitely one of the more creative concepts we've seen.

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On the roads, this rooster is flexin' some serious muscle, and we have a feeling no one tries to mess with him. An angry rooster is a dangerous rooster, haven't you seen the Family Guy saga? Watch it; you'll get what we mean.

Turtle Car

If you're a safe and cautious driver, this may be the perfect vehicle for you. Nothing says, "it's okay, you can pass me, I'm just enjoying the ride," then a turtle car. Who's going to honk their horn at you with rage?

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Exactly, no one. You're completely exempt from the rules of the road. If anything, it's their fault for not realizing you're driving in a giant turtle. See, this car is more than just a car; it's an excuse for driving slow...super slow.

WTF Cars

Upside-down Car

Which way is which? No one knows. People like to say that a car is just a car, but this design proves that cars can be art pieces. This car is *wild*, and we wouldn't mind taking a ride in this show stopper.

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The mannequin feet at the top are a lovely detail that can easily be overlooked if you're not paying attention. This is definitely a car you don't see too often, and makes passer-by's wonder, "wait, who's driving the car?" Again, no one knows.

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See-through Car

We're always curious about what the inside of other people's cars look like, but they took this one step further and created a transparent Beetle.

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Yup, it's entirely see-through. The outside looks like it was embroidered by a Bulgarian baba, and frankly, we love it. Where can we get one? In this Beetle, you need to be on your best behavior because everyone can see...literally.

Toes Galore Car

Not a fan of feet? Well, you don't really have a choice right now - look at it! Don't take your eyes off of this foot car!

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Whether you have a foot fetish or are repelled by the sight of a toe, you have to admit, this is a pretty impressive car, right? The designer must really love feet to drive around in this car. But what we really want to know is why the big toe is *so* big?

Spikey Car

We're more worried about the person who accidentally bumps into this car in the parking lot. Are those spikes...spiky? All we know is nothing says, "stay away from me," then a car covered in spikes.

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We have a feeling the owner of this car isn't into small talk and making new friends. But, on the other hand, it saves a lot of time figuring out whether or not to approach them. Take our advice, wave politely, and park a couple of stalls down.

Extendable Car

Have you ever moved out of your apartment? Going up and down the stairs with boxes is such a drag, but what if there was something that could help you out...some sort of car that would extend itself...hmm...if only.

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Well, you're not the first one with this idea; in fact, it's already been done. Whoever designed this car was determined to say goodbye to the stairs for good. Not all heroes wear capes; some are just lazy geniuses.

Fat Car

When it comes to fat, people try to avoid it like the plague. But this is one fat you don't need to be scared of. If anything, you should embrace this chubby car and all its rolls. The "fat car" reminds us a little bit of *Ghostbusters*, and to be honest, we love this nostalgic trip to the 80s.

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ho said fat was bad? In our eyes, a little fat never hurt anyone. And as you can see, it made this car even cuter.

Flattened Car

In a normal car, you have a decent amount of car to wiggle around while feeling protected. But this car is a flattened version of what you'd usually be driving. Actually, come to think of it, it's the ultimate convertible.

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You have open-air coming at you from all sides, so, no need to stick your hand out of the car. Whether you like it or not, you're right in the open air. But we have to admit, we kind of love it.

Lazyboy Car

Now, this isn't necessarily a car...actually... we're not even sure if this can be counted as a vehicle. Is it a motorcycle? A convertible? Either way, we couldn't let this go unnoticed.

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The Lazyboy car has everything your father and grandfather desire on four wheels; extra padding, reclining features, and a pooch hanging out beside them. If this was mass-produced, we're pretty sure this is the only car you'd see on the road. Maybe one day, our dreams will come true.

Bubble Car

Have you ever wondered what it was like to travel in a bubble? Well, the driver gets to experience that every time they get behind the wheel.

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It's a tight squeeze inside, but how many other people travel around in a little green bubble? Not many. During traffic, do they actually wait in line? Or do they just float by everyone else who's wishing they bought this car?

Cardboard Car

The only thing we're wondering is what happens when it rains? Strictly for dryer climates, this cardboard car creative. We didn't say it was a creative masterpiece, but we can admire the thought process behind it.

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But still, we want to know what happens when it rains? How much cardboard does this car go through in a year? These are the questions we'll never have the answers to, and we're pretty sure the owner driving this doesn't know either.

Grass Car

When we say someone has a "green thumb," we think they're into gardening. But whoever designed this car really enjoys nature in the most literal sense. Whoever designed this car was heavily inspired by nature and wanted to stick out like thumb.

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The Grass car is...well… a car covered in fake grass. Living in a concrete jungle has its ups, but the lack of nature is a downfall. So, they decided to liven up the city with some color and oh-so-beautiful greenery.

Bamboo Car

Who's driving this car? A panda? When it comes to vehicles, they're not known as being environmentally friendly. But clearly, the owner of this car is trying to change that with their bamboo truck.

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It may not be the most stylish or versatile, but you have to admit it's pretty cool. With every strand of bamboo hand-woven, the time invested in the making of this car is something to appreciate and admire. Now, who wants one of their own? Any takers? Anyone?

Food Cars

Avocado Car

If avocado toast is what's ruining Millennials, imagine what this car is capable of. No matter what your stance is on Millennials, one thing we can all agree on is the fact this car is great. No, it's better than great, it's amazing.

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Guacamole is mouth-watering, but imagine driving in an avocado car every day. It sounds like our biggest dreams would finally be coming true.

The only downfall is you can't eat it. Until that day comes, we're going to admire this avocado car and all its greatness.

The Burgercycle

If burgers aren't in your top five for the best foods on earth, then you haven't had a good burger. They're an international classic and loved around the world. The creator decided to create a burger motorcycle, and we couldn't be any happier.

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The lettuce, onion, cheese, and tomatoes- nothing was left out of this classic burger. That's when you know the creator is a true burger fan. Driving fast in your favorite food is the ultimate dream and he made it come true.

Roasted Chicken Car

Meat lovers around the world bow down to the brains behind this car. Roast chicken is a fall and winter classic in most homes, a smell and taste everyone drools over. But what if you took your love for roasted chicken to a whole other level. You know what we're talking about.

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What if...your car was a giant roasted chicken? Could there be any higher homage to chicken than this? We doubt it. If you're a carnivore to the core, then give a round of applause to this car. If you look closely, you can even see the glistening from the fat, glazed on the skin. This car has us drooling to the kitchen!

Hotdog Car

Ah yes, the hotdog. A favorite among everyone, these meaty wieners bring smiles to millions of faces around the world. So, our question is, why wouldn't you design a hotdog car? It's the ultimate sign of appreciation and love.

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Okay, sure, they left out the bun, and ketchup and mustard, but we'll let it slide. It's not an easy decision to make your car look like a wiener, and we have to say, they did a pretty good job. One thing's for sure; it's making us hungry.

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Fandom Cars

Pikachu Car

Pikaaaaachu! Were you one of those people running around with Pokemon Go in your hands, eager to catch the rarest of Pokemon? What can we say, some people enjoy the game so much, they want a constant reminder of it?

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Pikachu is definitely one Pokemon that is loyal to the core, so why wouldn't you want your car to resemble him? Not only that, you'll never lose your car in a busy parking lot. See? Win-win for everyone!

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Smiley Face Car

This car will make That 70's Show fans stop in their tracks with delight. Made entirely out of ping-pong balls, this car teleports you back to the 70s, with its brights colors, peace signs, and a giant smiley face.

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Isn't that what the 70s is all about? Peace and love? You can't help but smile when catching a glimpse of this car; they went the full way. It makes you feel you're walking on sunshine, and how can anyone argue against that?


I wanna rock and roll all night and party every day! KISS has made songs that have fueled many wild house parties and concert halls.

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Paired with their black and white faces, and extra long tongues, they were a menace for parents worldwide.Paying homage to the timeless rock band, this crazy fan dedicated their car to KISS - literally. Where they go, they bring the party with them, and we're lovin' it.

Gargoyle Car

You may have seen gargoyle's in Disney's The Hunchback of Notre Dame, giving you a glimpse into what they're about. Sure, they look a little scary, but they're actually the good guys! Living monsters made of stone, Gargoyles come alive to fend off evil.

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And if you're someone who's cursed the moment they get on the road, you'll need all the protection you can get. Maybe that's why the owner designed a gargoyle car? Okay, probably not, but we're sticking with it.


Batman has evolved throughout the years, with some people admiring the new movies, while others prefer sticking strictly to comic books. Regardless of where your loyalty lies, one thing for sure is that we all love the batmobile.

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Though most of us have dreamed about seeing one in real life, the batmobile stayed in our imaginations. At least, that was until someone actually made a real-life batmobile. Is the twelve-year-old in your squirming with delight, or are we the only ones?