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Cheap & Cheerful Travel Destinations

One of the biggest myths out there is that traveling is expensive. If you're flying to an expensive city, staying at a 5 star hotel, and eating at luxurious restaurants, then it definitely is. But some destinations give you a lot more bang for your buck. You may have to save a little extra for the ticket itself, but upon arrival you'll be living out all your frugal fantasies.

Planning A Trip? Check Which Countries Have The Best Internet Connection

More and more people in the world connect to the internet via their cell phone, but the experience could not be more different if you travel to Costa Rica or Uruguay yourself. The internet is one of the most important factors for travelers. With the explosion of mobile devices, the need to be connected grew exponentially. In addition, with map and suggestion apps -such as Yelp or TripIt- a trip is more efficient with an internet connection.

10 Landscapes You Will Never Forget

Imagine you could take a week off, a month, or even a year. Where would you go? Know that there are still many magical places that you did not even know existed. Here are 10 landscapes that you will never forget.