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Crystal Face Rollers: The Latest Skincare Craze

Crystals have been popular as jewelry and decor pieces for centuries. It's understandable. With their beautiful colors and natural patterns, they're just meant to be shown off in one way or another. Many people also believe in their healing properties, which is how crystals have made their way to the world of skincare. Crystal face rollers are one of the latest skincare trends of the moment. Here's what you need to know.

How To Shop Your Own Wardrobe

Many of us have neglected and even forgotten pieces in our wardrobes, and they're often pieces that we can easily fall back in love with. Sometimes you don't have to buy something new to experience the thrill of a new outfit, because you've had plenty of great things in your wardrobe all along.

The Benefits Of Sleeping On Your Back

What's your go-to sleep position? Most of us prefer curling up on our sides or lying on our stomachs to lying flat down on our backs. It may even seem odd to some of us. Lying on your back may seem perfectly natural for watching Netflix or reading a book, but can falling asleep really be as simple as lying down in bed and closing your eyes? Unnatural as it seems, it turns out sleeping on your back is arguably the healthiest sleeping position. Find out why and what you can do to make the switch.

Interior Decor For Rentals That Won’t Affect Your Deposit

for many renters, it may be worthwhile to spend some time and money, making your place feel a bit homier.

A Heartbroken Nurse Lost Everything, But Then Love Happened

Sometimes even the most perfect of things can be broken down into million pieces but love always wins