50 Horror Movies That Only True Horror Fans Will Appreciate


It’s that time of year again! That’s right, Halloween is just around the corner and it is time to revisit your favorite horror movies and watch some great new ones. It seems as though another scary movie is in theaters every week, but do they actually make you jump from your seat? Do they make your blood run cold? We think you might need a refresher on which horrific movies will leave you spooked well beyond October 31st! Check out the top 50 most chilling horror movies of all time. Be prepared to sleep with lights on…


1. The Exorcist-1973

The undisputed crowned queen of all horror films tells the blood curdling tale of a girl possessed by a demon. The movie's original record-breaking box office in the US was matched by international audiences to be one of the highest earning films in history.


It launched multiple careers into the Hollywood stratosphere and is embedded in the minds of every baby boomer forever. You never forget the first time you saw it, and like the Kennedy assassination- you never forget where you were when you saw The Exorcist!

The most epic film in the genre of possession horror is a must see if you’ve never seen it, and a must see again if it’s been more than 20 years since you’ve seen it last. Did you know the vomit in the film was made of pea soup?

2. The Omen-1976

The Devil’s bloodline needs to persevere, and where is a more perfect place for that than in a well to do family desperate to have children

This chilling masterpiece, which was followed by multiple sequels due to its popularity, didn’t need special effects to bring a deep chill to your already still body.


This type of classical horror, so simply and masterfully executed, is not only successful at keeping you awake at night, but makes you suspect sinister causes behind your own children’s mischief.

Tip - if the family dog is unexpectedly growing at your own son....run to get a DNA test!

3. Psycho-1960

Psycho is considered a classic not just in the horror genre, but a classic, period. Ask anyone in the world - what is the most famous shower scene of all time?

You’ll probably get a unanimous answer as we all recollect the knife-slashing sound effects blending with screaming as blood mixes with running water.


Brilliantly portrayed by Anthony Perkins, he is not the first nor the last mama’s boy in film history, but certainly the most memorable one

4. The Shining-1980

Jack Nicholson’s haunting face is the universal symbol for this world-wide masterpiece. The movie’s beautiful beginning is set in a picturesque mountain setting, as a writer agrees to take care of a secluded hotel during a long winter.

He casually dismisses the hotel’s gruesome history about the previous caretaker who killed his entire family, but his small son has a premonition which soon unravels into a living nightmare for the family.


The Shining is one of the few movies that left an eternal reference to not one, but two of its scenes – the creepy twin sisters in the hotel corridor, which have been adapted to hundreds of other “horrific” analogies, albeit usually in satire , and of course, Jack Nicholson’s maniacal face breaking through the door and jeering “Here’s Johnny”. Did you know Robert Deniro declined the role because it caused him nightmares?

5. Rosemary’s Baby-1968

A true American classic featuring a true American legend - Mia Farrow. Who can’t relate to a happily married young couple expecting their first child!


As events begin to unfold, the beautiful and obedient young wife becomes tormented by the constant severe pain, nightmares and unexplained scratches on her body, annoying busybody neighbors, and seemingly uncaring and highly unconventional doctor.

And WHAT is that persistent smell?! If you ever look at raw meat and deem it appetizing, check if your spouse is missing a glove!

6. Saw-2004

This gory horror film immediately grabs your attention with an impossible dilemma – if you have a choice to kill your friend (in a terrible slow and gruesome way) or, if you don’t, your family dies – what would you choose?

The story centers around the "Jigsaw Killer" , who instead of just killing his victims, captures them in a trap, where they are subjected to physical or psychological torture.


The low budget film, costing around $1m, was so successful that it went on to gross over $100m in the box office and generated eight sequels!

This is one of the highest-grossing horror film franchises in history and has generated over $1 billion in box office sales.

7. Silence of the Lambs-1991

A horror film with multiple Academy Awards is a rare find indeed! The top cast of Oscar-winning actors keeps us glued to the television as we cringe and gasp and unwittingly become fascinated with the evil yet highly intelligent Dr Hannibal Lecter (that oddly enough rhymes with cannibal).


And I reluctantly admit that I felt a tiny hint of delight at his spectacular escape.

Is it ethical to use the help of one deranged serial killer to hunt down another deranged serial killer? Asking for a friend…

8. The Hostel-2005

What makes this movie so incredibly scary is its portrayal of realistic horror. While not a well-known film, it wins our pick for the most enduring impact it will leave in your mind.

This film isn’t about supernatural powers or special effects, but rather about exposing the most evil tendencies in human nature and what horrific acts humans can commit when not being watched.


As the movie is set in Europe and starts out with a light romantic flare, the viewer is in for a big surprise if you’re not aware you’re watching a horror movie. Any plans to backpack through Europe and stay in hostels? Um.. not for me, thanks…

9. A Nightmare on Elm Street-1984

Usually when we have nightmares about being killed, we expect to wake up alive and well. That is, if you don’t have dreams about your childhood abuser Freddie Krueger who has come back to haunt you.


In this classic slasher film, Freddie Krueger invades his victims dream and kills them..but there’s a catch. If they get killed in the dream, they wake up dead.

To this day, the movie is infamous for its terrifying plot...and let’s not forget it was Johnny Depp’s acting debut.

10. IT-2017

Are you scared of clowns? What about murderous ones? Based on Stephen King’s novel, the film tells a story of a not so friendly clown named Pennywise who lives in the sewer system and comes out of hibernation every 27 years to feed on the children of a town in Maine called Derry.


The film set numerous box office records and grossed a whopping $700 million worldwide, making it the highest grossing horror film of all time! A sequel, IT Chapter Two was released on September 6, 2019.

By the way, if you thought it odd to make a horror film from an innocuous object like a clown, you would be wrong. Fear of clowns is a known phenomenon in psychology, it’s called Coulrophobia.


11. Texas Chain Saw Massacre-1974

Perhaps the most cost-effective biggest bag for the buck on this list, at a shoestring budget of only $140,000 (and quickly grossing over $30m, $150m in today’s dollars) this is the undisputed champion of the most scary slasher film in history.


If the fact that this is loosely based on a true story doesn’t scare you enough, the movie is so terrifying and violent that it was banned in many countries including England.

What do cannibalism, torture and power tools have in common? Well, they blend together in a grisly depiction of events that could be someone’s potential reality.

12. Halloween-1978

Our all-time favorite perennial rerun that beat two records (a) the musical score which has cemented its permanent place in the universe as being synonymous with menacing suspense, and (b) generated the highest number of sequels starring the same actress, our beloved Jamie Lee Curtis.

Watch her as she managed to miraculously survive one string of murders after another! The only such case where for 4 decades the same actress stars in a series of sequels.


But while our star gracefully ages - We need to ask… Let’s see the face behind the mask! What IS the age of Michael Myers? But I’ll stay tuned till he retires.

Oh keep my day job you say? Fine. Did you know - the Halloween franchise is the highest-grossing horror franchise in history, followed by our other pick on this list -Friday the 13th

13. The conjuring

It begins the way most supernatural horror films do... Your traditional family moves into a new home and little by little strange occurrences seem to raise suspicion.

What you probably didn’t realize is that this movie was based on a true story; back in 1971 Paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren, portrayed by Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga in the film, went to investigate the case of the Perron family who moved into a dilapidated farmhouse in Harrisville, Rhode Island with their five daughters and dog.


Soon they discover that the house belonged to an accused witch named Bathsheba who evidently sacrificed her one week old child to the devil and killed herself.

Records show that there have been several murders and suicides on the property, yet the house the movie was based on was recently just a home for a couple who ended up suing Warner Bros because of the vandalism done to the house ever since the movie’s release.

14. Scream - 1996

Unlike most horror films that are low budget and feature mostly unknown actors, Scream has a fairly notable cast and a healthy share of well-known stars who play High School students being stalked by a crazed serial killer in a frightening mask.


The film cleverly blends black comedy, mystery, and slasher horror, plus has recognizable references to several other favorite horror movies.

So if you’re a horror fan - be sure to watch this if you haven’t already. The film’s plot was actually inspired by real events, several grisly murders by the Gainesville Ripper, a serial killer in Gainesville Florida, which gives it a major boost in our book!

15. The Blair Witch project – 1999

The first incredible fact about this movie is its financial success, at a cost of only $60,000 it grossed over $250 million at the box office, making it one of the most successful films of all time.

The second notable achievement is that it used an innovative technique of ‘found footage’, which was later emulated by multiple horror films.


The found footage in this horror mystery is the video footage that is found one year after the disappearance of 3 student filmmakers, while filming a documentary about a local legend known as Blair Witch.

Since the footage is found a year later, I think we can guess if this a happy ending, or not?

16. The Ring-2002

Have you ever died from watching a video? Imagine receiving a phone call from a voice that informs you that you’ll be dead in seven days.

When four teenagers mysteriously die after watching the same video tape, a newspaper reporter starts to get suspicious and attempts to seek out the explanation.


Will she have enough time to save her own life? Maybe we’re better off keeping our eyes off the television screen anyway. Before you die, you see...The Ring


17. The Babadook-2014

This Australian movie reached across continents to mesmerize its viewers and, unlike most horror flicks, appeals to mostly female audience.


In addition to being a horror film in its own right, it also explores complicated psychological struggle of a young widowed mother who, both - loves her son and hates him at the same time while blaming him for her husband’s death.

Once you start watching it you find that it’s impossible to walk away until you find out how it ends. And the ending is sure to surprise you.


18. Mirrors-2008

If you don’t think you’ll ever need to use the bathroom again, then you might be okay with watching this movie.

Otherwise, we promise you will be scarred for life..well maybe not for life but you won’t be able to look in a mirror again for a very long time.


Ex-cop Ben Carson used to look into mirrors all the time, but when he decides to take a security job at an old department store, he notices some strange images in the reflections of the mirrors.

You’ll have to watch to find out what happens next but we will say that Carson never looked into a mirror again. Conclusion: Brush your teeth 100 times before seeing this movie.

19. Get Out-2017

Get out isn’t your typical horror movie. It will make you jump, it will make you scream, but it will also make you laugh at times.

Jordan Peele, originally a comedian, makes his directorial debut with this film which follows Chris, an African American, who is visiting his Caucasian girlfriend Rose’s family for the first time.


After noticing strange behavior from the family estate’s African American workers, he soon figures out the family holds a very disturbing secret and realizes he needs to “Get Out” of town immediately-if he wants to live, that is.

The movie grossed $255 million worldwide and was nominated for several awards. Spoiler alert: Chris and Rose don’t live happily ever after.

20. Friday the 13th – 1980

Friday the 13th is an epic, need we say more? The title has crossed over into popular culture and proliferated into numerous merchandising and entertainment industries.

Of all revered horror images, Jason’s hockey mask is among the most recognizable in the world.


How far will a mother go to avenge the death of her young son, who drowned in a lake while his camp counselors were playing hanky panky instead of watching him. Second highest-grossing horror franchise of all time (following Halloween - the champion in this category).


However, the race is not over and this has the potential to take the number one spot again because… there are 12 movies so far in the franchise, so clearly we know there will be another for a total of … 13?!

21. Insidious-2010

If supernatural films don’t scare you, give this one a try. There’s no doubt that this movie will scare the brains out of you and make your jaw drop with its numerous jump scares and unexpected plot twists.

In this first installment of the Insidious Franchise, a couple moves into a new home with their two sons and new-born daughter.


Soon, the family starts noticing some paranormal activity and even start hearing noises through the baby monitor.

The couple soon learns that their son has inexplicably entered a comatose state and has been possessed by demons whose mission it is to inhabit his body.

22. The Devil’s Advocate-1997

If I tell you that Charlize Theron takes off her clothes, will I get your immediate attention? Add Al Pacino into the mix, and does anyone still doubt that this is a must-see?


Something seems eerily familiar…. scratches on the body of a beautiful woman, again? Is this the same amorous devil teleporting from Rosemary’s baby, in search of a sleepy innocent blonde?


The similarity wasn’t accidental, in fact the director cited Rosemary’s Baby as being an inspirational influence for this film.

Did you know, the famous courtroom scene was filmed in New Jersey’s Bergen County Court House, and this same courtroom has been featured in multiple films, so if you’re a Bergen County NJ resident getting summoned for jury duty - don’t bail out (no pun intended).

23. Carrie-1976

The most known film adaptation of all Stephen King’s novels, Carrie tells a story of a shy 16 year old teenager named Carrie White who is bullied at school.


Much to the surprise of her classmates and herself, Carrie soon realizes she can summon telekinetic powers when being provoked, and that she can use them to her advantage.

After a cruel game organized by a group of popular kids, Carrie carries out her revenge during the most famous prom in film history. Her tormentors sure got the punishment they deserved, and those who survived will never be at peace again.

The movie became a classic largely due to its relevance to both adults and teens, as everyone can relate to kids who are lonely, cliques that are popular, and mothers who may be a tad bit overbearing.

24. Mama-2013

As the modern-day omnipresent Jessica Chastain makes her debut in her first horror film, she can attest to the well known saying ‘no good deed goes unpunished’, as she is kind enough to adopt her husband’s orphaned nieces.


Jessica’s dreadful realization towards the film’s ending comes bundled with a couple of adorable little girls making this possibly the first ever family-friendly horror movie.

Except…make sure to leave the lights on when you go to sleep and no matter what - don’t look under your bed!

25. A Quiet Place-2018

Making a sharp pivot from comedy, John Krasinsky directed and starred in this thriller with his real life wife Emily Blunt.

Can you live in a world where making any kind of sound would get you killed by murderous extraterrestrial creatures with a heightened sense of hearing.


Let your creativity kick in … your life depends on it. Here’s an idea for parents of badly behaved noisy kids - let them view this movie without parental supervision, oh and in the dark.

26. Hereditary-2018

This movie is best described with one word: unsettling. The intense family psycho horror drama tells the story of the turmoil of Annie Graham and her family, following the death of her secretive mother.

The death of the matriarch of the Graham family is the beginning of things worse than death for Annie and her household, as horrendous secrets begin to unfold about their ancestry.


The more secrets they find, the more they realize how sinister their fate is becoming. Doom is upon them, and they battle with their lives to break free from this inherited evil.


Hereditary made over 5 million dollars on its first day at Cinemas, and went on to gross 79.3 million dollars against a budget of 10 million! A pure Halloween material, this movie is so petrifying, it might bring you close to a panic attack. But that's the fun of horror movies, right?

27. The Mist-2007

If you know Stephen King, you'd know that he's a specialist in horror stories. The Mist is a science fiction horror movie based on the 1980 novella of the same name by legendary author Stephen King.


After an aggressive storm causes power cuts in a small town in Maine, a man and his son head to a grocery store to pick up some supplies. However, they get trapped in the grocery store alongside several others when a thick fog whirls in and engulf the whole town.


Boundless terror is unleashed as nameless monsters reveal themselves outside the store. As desperation mounts within the grocery store, we see a different side of human nature, which even the monsters may dread.

A rare horror movie with a deep lesson, The Mist explores what ordinary people would do when put under extreme circumstances.


28. Alien - 1979

Alien is a classic medley of science, horror, and grim poetry. It tells the story of a crew aboard a spaceship hijacked by an alien.

The crew of space ship Nostromo gets woken from cryo-sleep to discover a bizarre field of Alien eggs, and this is just the beginning of a jaw-dropping nightmare.


The tagline of the movie says: “In space, no one can hear you scream,” and while you may not get the opportunity to scream your lungs out in space, this movie will definitely make you do that right in front of the movie screen.


29. Poltergeist- 1982

Written and produced by the legendary Steven Spielberg, Poltergeist invokes the tale of a family in a California suburb, whose home is stormed by demons.

Following the abduction of their younger daughter by the ghosts, the family embarks on a perilous mission to bring her back to the real world.


The deadly tango with ghosts began as an oddly friendly communion through the TV set, but this quickly degenerates, bringing the dark sides of demons to light.

A modern classic, Poltergeist is a tightly scripted, elegantly filmed, and consistently frightening masterpiece.


30. Child's Play- 1988

This is the first of the Child's Play series starring the demonic doll Chucky. It opens with a gunfight between a serial killer and a group of cops in a doll factory.

While the serial killer gets shot and mortally wounded, he unleashes a dark spell which transfers his soul into a ‘Good Guys' doll. This possessed doll is later purchased as a gift for a little boy.


In a 95-minute rollercoaster ride that makes you think twice about your favorite childhood dolls, Child's Play brings all the gore to the table. The success of this 1988 horror mystery and suspense movie resulted in the making of several sequels.


31. Paranormal Activity -2007

Paranormal activity is a bona fide compendium of heebie-jeebies, packing chilling scenes we're barely prepared for.A young couple realizes that their suburban home is filled the presence of supernatural beings.


They set up a camera in a bid to capture whatever is haunting their house. However, they're not prepared from the terror that is about to unfold.

This supernatural horror film takes advantage of found footage conventions to deliver just the right dose of quality.

It was, indeed, a commercial success, making 193 million dollars against a 15 million dollar budget.


32. Jaws-1975

This thriller is considered one of the greatest movies ever made, a prototypical summer blockbuster, and a watershed moment in the history of motion picture.


After a girl was eaten by a giant great white shark in Amity Island, a police chief tries to close down the beach. However, he is forbidden from doing so for fear of loss of tourist revenue.


He, therefore, rallies up a small team in his quest to take down the shark, sparking a jaw-dropping epic battle between man and nature.


33. Raw-2016

Raw does not only live up to its name in gaudy violence and sexuality, but it also brings a dark atmospheric energy and a deep symbolism that lasts long after the last minute.


It centers on the life of a committed vegetarian who goes to a veterinary school to witness a licentious, ruthlessly seductive world.


In a desperate attempt to fit in, she gives away her lifelong principles and eats raw meat for the first time.

But this will mark the beginning of terrible and unexpected consequences as she discovers a part of her she never knew existed.


34. Us – 2019

After creating a state of disturbance in 2017 with the horror movie Get Out, Jordan Peele continues in his attempt to give us a panic attack with the 2019 movie Us.


Starring Black Panther's Lupita Nyong'o, Us reveals the dreadful experiences of a family who are just trying to have a vacation.

How unsettling is the thought of getting mauled to death by a stranger who looks exactly like you?

This movie practically lifts that thought off your head and puts it on the screen. The most mesmerizing thing about Us is how it ended.

It will not only keep you at the edge of your seats for two hours, but it will also leave you mentally uncomfortable long after the end credits.Believe me. This movie is as serious as a heart attack!


35. The Descent – 2005

Brutal, bloody, astonishing, and terrifyingly delirious, this movies is so intense it might leave you aching. It begins with a fatal car crash and ends with a nasty revenge killing.


In between the adventure horror movie, six women embark on a spelunking trip which takes a turn for the worse after a fallen rock traps them in an unfamiliar cave with no maps and very little supplies.

In their quest to find their way out, they encounter the strangest, most vicious creatures they've ever seen.One thing to note, though, is that there are two endings to the movie—the original British ending and the American ending.

It's probably best you watch the one with the original ending. But if you can watch both endings, perfect!


36. The Fly-1986

A brilliant but weird professor begins to transform into a giant man-fly hybrid after one of his experiments goes terribly wrong.

This experiment start a series of incidents that unfold would create what is described, in the words of Carrie Rickie, as a "wildly imaginative, gut-wrenchingly scarifying and profoundly primal, (and funny)" movie.


Made on a budget of 9 million dollars, the movie went on to rake in a gross profit of 60.6 million at the box office, landing Jeff Goldblum a Saturn Award for Best Actor.

The Fly comes with a tagline that says: "Be afraid. Be very afraid." While that may sound like strange advice, it does give a hint about what to expect when you see the movie.


37. Rec-2007

If you ever thought that found-footage movies should be extinct, seeing Rec will surely change your mind.

It covers the story of a journalist and her cameraman who follow a local fire crew to an apartment building in Barcelona for a rescue intervention.


Things, however, are not as they seem for the entire crew as strange, animalistic behaviors begin to unravel, the moment they break through a door to rescue an aged woman.

Quite the frightener, Rec is considered one of the best movies in the found-footage genre.


38. Dawn of the Dead -2004

When a deadly, mysterious virus brings the world on its knees, a new age of mindless, flesh-eating zombies rises. A handful of human survivors wages a desperate, last-ditch war to remain alive, and human.


It comes with a lot of hard decisions, humor, and plot twists that would have you chuckling nervously and guessing who dies next.

Indeed, Dawn of the Dead is a bold remake of George Romero's legendary movie of the same name, paying tribute to the original while being outstanding on its own terms.


39. The Birds - 1963

In this two-hour horror thriller, Alfred Hitchcock proves that build-up is the key to successful suspense, masterfully turning birds into some of the most gruesome villains in the history of horror movies.


It all begins with a harmless love triangle between a criminal defense attorney, a young socialite, and a school teacher. But things would get ugly along the line in Bodega Bay when a swarm of gulls storms a children's party.

The following days will unfold gory sights of dead bodies as angry birds attack in swarms, taking over the town in this hair-raising horror-suspense masterpiece.


40. Shaun of the Dead- 2004

A very average man with no direction in his life wakes up with his best friend to find the world overtaken by a zombie uprising. He embarks on a mission to save his mother and his girlfriend.


Indeed, the true nature of a man is revealed in desperate times, and what better time to be a hero than when the dead rises to feed on the living?

Shaun of the Dead is a warm mix of horror and comedy, to keep you laughing and frightened at the same time.


41. The Thing - 1982

Released over three decades ago, just before the birth of digital filmmaking, this science fiction horror movie might leave you sleeping with lights on for many days.

Packed with a heavy dose of graphically violent and gory scenes, it tells the story of a small group of American researchers in Antarctica who encounter a partially buried spacecraft and a strange vicious creature which they go on to call "The Thing."


Over a running time of 109 minutes, you will be fed with a tale of carnage, mystery, and paranoia as these group of American researchers strive to not just survive, but to also understand what this mysterious "Thing" is. For a movie released in 1982, The Thing is… well, the ‘Thing!'


42. The Cabin in the Woods -2011

This horror-comedy is a fabulous tale that brings a whole new light to the horror genre, a meta-feat that turns the game inside out.

It puts the spotlight on five friends who go camping in a remote cabin hidden deep into the woods.


However, evil lurks in the woods, patiently waiting for them. Neither of them knows what they're walking into. They get attacked by zombies, but then, with the involvement of two scientists behind the scenes, there is more to this than meets the eyes.


43. The Exorcism of Emily Rose-2005

If you're a fan of exorcism movies, then you'll definitely love this.


Based on the real-life story of Anneliese Michel, The Exorcism of Emily Rose tells the story of Emily, a demon-possessed girl from a staunch Roman Catholic family in the Midwest, and the outcome of a failed exorcism which had led to the death of the young girl.


Released in 2005, the courtroom supernatural horror drama takes a deep plunge into the gap between faith and doubt, to tell a very unsettling story.


By default, exorcism is disturbing. However, this movie takes it to another level.

44. The Others-2001

Haunted house movies are well-known to horror movie aficionados. The Others lives up to its task as a horror movie, packed with thrilling suspense, and bone-chilling apparitions.


It is not a freak show, indeed, but a waiting game in which a thick ambiance of terror slowly engulfs its characters.

It centers on the experiences of a woman and her photosensitive children who live in a remote country house on the island of Jersey. Strange events happen in this house: Curtains pull apart on their own, the piano plays on its own, and voices are heard.


In the midst of the sizzling suspense, the woman and her family struggle to understand what's going on around them, taking the viewers along.

45. It Follows-2015

This supernatural psychological horror is nothing short of smart, unique, and unsettling. It takes you through the story of a 19-year-old girl. Indeed, for Jay, autumn is supposed to be about school, handsome boys and fun.


After an innocent sex experience with her boyfriend, Hugh, she learns about a curse that her boyfriend carries: a curse he had passed on to her during their lovemaking.


As Hugh explains, death will creep upon her, taking the form of a friend or a stranger.

This plunges Jay into a state of paranoia as she strives to understand what she's gotten into and how to break free.


46. The Witch-2015

Released in 2015, this American-Canadian historical supernatural horror comes with its uniquely chilling atmosphere.


Thought-provoking and visually compelling, The Witch dishes out a bothersome exercise as Robert Eggers makes his directorial debut.


The ancient concepts of witchcraft, dark magic, and possession are creatively woven together to tell a riveting story of a Puritan family who encounters the forces of evil in a forest at the edge of their New England farm.


In this story of faith, fear, and paranoia, each person's belief is tested to the core in a sea of vicious and mocking evil.

47. Dead Snow-2009

Ever wondered if there could be something like a Nazi Zombie? Well, Dead Snow gives you a great view of how it is.


A group of medical students go on a skiing trip to a remote Arctic mountain. They're welcomed into the snowy woods by the unexplained loss of a member and a shady visit from a resident of the small nearby village.


According to the resident, the village was once occupied by Nazi soldiers, during the Second World War. The Nazis brutally plundered and raped the inhabitants of the village, sparking a desperate revolt by the locals which ultimately drove the soldiers into the woods.


It was said that the Nazis were never seen again, that they had frozen to death.


However, ever since, there has been something lurking in the snowy woods. But these students have already unintentionally become part of the story, and it won't be long before they discover how it really ends.

48. 28 Days Later-2002

28 Days Later is not just your regular post-apocalyptic horror movie. It is an energetic political allegory, one of the best you'll ever see.


It talks about the pandemonium that engulfs a society following the accidental release of a deadly contagious virus.

In this heart-skipping movie, four survivors fight against the odds in their bid to cope with the destruction of the life they used to know while staying uninfected.


However, they do not understand that the worst is yet to come.

49. Hellraiser -1987

Hellraiser takes horror to a whole new level. In this electrifying supernatural horror drama, Frank (Steven Chapman) buys a bizarre Chinese box from a sex shop only to realize—to his own detriment—that it is the key that opens the portal to hell.


Gruesome beings emerge as Frank naively tinkers with the box, tearing him apart. But Frank’s body will reawaken years later when his brother and his former lover move into his old house.

This story takes you to places you don't want to be, exploring the dangerous connections between pain and pleasure.


50. Candyman -1992

The supernatural slasher movie is based on a short story by Clive Barker. It depicts the story of a curious graduate student who snoops around a housing project, researching superstitions.


She finds out about the Candyman, a ghost who creeps upon and slashes his victims to death.


However, this horrendous discovery spells a lot more terror than she can handle as the Candyman takes an interest in her and tries to get her to join him in the afterlife. A nuanced chilling tale, Candyman will leave you really disturbed.


We Do Hope that You'll enjoy watching them all, happy Halloween