50 Funny Photos Which Are Hilariously Clicked At a Weird Time That Makes You Think


Some pictures are considered a masterpiece, expressing a unique moment in life. Some pictures are just fun and some will make you think in weird ways. Well, these unplanned photos, which are hilariously, were taken in the weirdest timing possible to show such mind-boggling instances. Well, some are too weird too be handled, where some might just make you giggle a bit. Don’t watch an image for too long for it can mess with your head. Hey! I warned you.

You have NOT seen that coming did you?

The Disney girl thought she would kiss the frog to make him turn into a prince. Well, apparently things didn’t go as planned. Or the frog couldn’t wait and jumped for the kiss himself. Either way, it’s gross. You gotta choose your pets well, girl.

When you take your T-shirt seriously

This guy took what was on his T-shirt very seriously, which is cool and weird at the same time. Thank god, it wasn’t a shark; otherwise, things would not have been so cool as it is now. Do you have any T-shirts with which you can do this?

That’s why I don’t like coastlines

Now you gotta run because this is heavy, man. You need to run faster than the water coming at you. That’s the last thing you expect while on a trip, enjoying an evening. On the other hand, the photographer should be appreciated for this well-timed click. (Hope, he is alright!) .

Here comes the ‘Bird Baby’

This happens when a bird bites a baby; the baby turns into a ‘bird baby’ superhero. Haters will say this is just well-timed photography, where the bird just happens to be behind the boy. But you know the truth, right? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

When you don’t stop with spicy food

Once there was a man. He was very depressed until one day he started eating super spicy food. Soon, he started farting fire. People started paying to see him fart. He became a billionaire. That is the face of success. True Story, guys!

The moment of Embarrassment

You know the moment where your friend is telling you a funny story and you are drinking something and suddenly you laugh while drinking. The next moment you see the drink is all over the place as you spat out while bursting into laughter. Well, that’s the fun which is followed by a moment of embarrassment, especially if that guy is not your friend.

When you spend too much time with your best friend

That’s how people start seeing you and your best friend when you are together all the time. Try to hang out less with your friend, otherwise, this might become true. Or just make sure your photographer is not doing experiments while taking you and your best friend’s photo.

The man who walks on water

Either you need superpowers to walk on water or float on water like this or you just need a guy who can take pictures while dancing. Or is he just good at creating an illusion? That camera can be yours if you guess correctly what is actually happening here and find the photographer.

Stop having what you are having

If you start seeing things like this, well that’s when you should stop smoking the stuff because it is doing weird things to your mind. Trust me, your cat is alright and it’s just you who is not.

That’s level of my imagination

Sometimes, I daydream so much that I forget what is real and what is imagination. Like here, I am trying to figure out whether the cat is seeing the actual tail or whether there is no tail at all. I am still thankful that I can see a bowl of milk like you.

That’s how introverts celebrate Christmas eve!

Christmas is Christmas whether you like being surrounded by people or hate it. Either way, who said being an introvert is boring? Especially when you have so many hidden talents! You can simply place Santa's hat anywhere! And maybe the game was actually invented by an introvert? Who knows!

When somebody says stop being so dramatic, and I am like I am not, but again here I am!

People around me say that I am a dramatic person and clearly I am not. But sometimes life brings on weird stuff and things start going in the wrong direction. This is how I can solve it, is that dramatic? Nope, right? See I am not dramatic at all!

If that girl is supporting the Pisa, then who is supporting her?

This is the kind of picture where you think twice and then thrice because it's impossible to figure it out correctly. The girl in the picture didn’t even know what is going on behind her. I hope she finds out soon, but it looks good! Isn’t it?

My friend when he needs something from me

There is always one friend who will never talk to you, but when he needs something He will know where to find you. He will stick like that to your face, which leaves you no choice, but help him. I have to do it because goddamnit, I need peace in my life too.

When she says, PUBG should be ban, as its waste of time

Love is everywhere, and the wedding is celebrating it fully. However, no jokes will be taken when it comes to PUBG. What's the point of getting married to someone who doesn’t even like that game? Go one find someone else, buddy! There are lots of people out there, or maybe you can find someone in the game too!

When your crush is a nature lover and you are like…

What to do if your crush is a nature lover and she really likes someone who is concerned with the environment? Well, it's not a problem anymore! You can simply turn on your creative side and look like that! There is the possibility that you will get your crush, and even if not, you are at least doing something good for nature.

The feelings that only those who wear glasses will understand

Seeing the world without needing those additional frames is something people need to appreciate as a gift. You need to carry them everywhere, and when you don’t have them with you, some tasks can be much harder. So what do you do when you lose them at such a moment? Well, there is only one solution, and it's very simple too. Just Cry.

When someone asks how you can do so many tasks at once

Watching series, working on assignments, doing house chores and handling my life, this is a rare talent that I can simply do. And the hidden secret is finally revealed. I got two extra hands! That makes it pretty easy to do everything at once. However, I need to learn to balance and finding shirts that fit become a complicated task.

It’s time to save the world! Flying cat spotted

Well, people who don’t believe in the Avengers and superheroes will never understand it. But our world needs someone, right? So here we introduce our own Flying cat! She is ready to save the earth and humans from evil! Or maybe she is just trying to catch the mouse?

Real footage of how the siblings fight when mom is not at home!

It’s understandable for those who have siblings! Sometimes they are beyond annoying, and you can't even hit them because they will use their never-failing, life-saving technique, which is also known as mom. So when she is not at home, it’s your best chance to get your revenge!

When everyone is doing something great, and I am sitting like a potato

Everyone around me is doing something, learning new things, discovering stuff, etc whereas here I am, sitting like a good for nothing potato, and waiting for the next episodes of my favourite series to come. Also thinking about what I should eat next.

When I eat too much spicy food, and the next morning I am like…

Eating spicy food is tempting. It’s impossible to stop once you start eating! And I was just too confident that I would be able to handle it with ease. However, little did I know that I am going to suffer due to so many species and this is how I ended up. So no spicy food for the rest of my life.

The actual representation of how much patience I have to handle stupid people

The world is full of idiots, and it takes so much energy not to react. However, handling everything and making sure that I don’t kill anyone at the end of the day can be hard sometimes. This is how much patience I have inside me, and this is how much effort stupid people require.

That’s how I avoid people and drama in my life!

In order to enjoyi life, it's important to understand that people and drama should be avoided. Well, this photo shows exactly how I am avoiding the people and drama in my life these days.

When someone touches me in winters with their cold hands

Winter is one of the seasons in which I especially hate when people touching me. Especially when I sit like a cocoon in a warm blanket, enjoying the season. It is right then, when I am not even aware, that people choose the perfect moment to touch me with their cold hands! What kind of injustice is this!

When someone asks me to help two guys to stop fighting

This is how I try to stop two people from fighting. But don’t you think safety should come first too? I mean, what will happen if you are the one who gets beaten up by the two guys instead of you solving the issues in the middle of them?

The one friend who can’t stay normal for one second

We all have that one guy, that one person, who can't behave like a normal person. It’s difficult to handle someone whose way of thinking is completely out of the box thing and the word ‘Normal’ is not in their dictionary for sure. Be sure that handling such a friend deserves an award from the government.

When someone says milk helps in lighting the skin

People are crazy about getting fair skin. Thanks to the wide variety of products and creams, people are buying way too many things to make themselves look pretty and beautiful. However, looking smart is not something which depends on cosmetics, and following everything blindly leads to such things.

The moment when you don’t know how to feel; happy for the girls or sad because of wastage of beer

This is a moment when you don’t know what to choose. There are so many emotions that you go through. You are happy to see that the girls are happy and enjoy their time. But we can’t stop focusing on the beer, which is being wasted for nothing! Like why!

When you are finally done with your office work and it’s time to go home!

Working long hours, sitting in front of the computer and going through many levels of stress is not simple. Sometimes you get so consumed in the office that it is hard to handle the long wait before going back home. So when everything is done and it’s time to get out, no one wants to for even an extra second.

How do you like me now?

This seems more like payback. That’s also how you make your comeback into the argument after absorbing the heat for a long time. They might have won the battle, but you will be the one to win the war. This just reminds me of that, isn’t it?

Swimming and I are never on the same page

Water has rejected me since I tried my first swimming lesson. It just remembers how bad I was at this. Remember those friends who swim well and keep pushing you into the water, especially when they know you fear it. Such monsters!

When you try to plan things

You think you planned well enough to get things done, but guess what? It never works like that. You know what they say, ‘man proposes, god disposes’. This girl seems quite confident she will catch the egg, but apparently it’s going to splash on her face. That’s what happens with me when I plan (all the time).

Somebody has to do that

Breaking News: The Leaning tower of Pisa in Italy is finally inclined straight by the help of the dog named ‘Bruno’. Now the leaning tower of Pisa isn’t leaning anymore. Thanks to Bruno, the dog. And then I woke up.

I saw the devil hanging out

This could freak you out when you spot a devil’s face between the pair of T-shirts. Well, I am not buying that. I wonder how you would have reacted if you spotted it while buying T-shirts in a market?

Who am I?

Can you really tell who or what is up there eating your ice-cream in just one glance? If you get it with just one look, you have got some real observational powers. If not, well it’s okay. I too get confused a little bit. (Do you know what it is now?)

Feel bad for the dolphin or the girl?

At first glance, it scared the hell out of me. First I felt bad for the little girl for getting eaten by a dolphin (sadistic alert*), but the next moment, I felt bad for the dolphin. You know what I mean. Don’t be disheartened, it’s just the skills of the photographer combined with the right timing. The girl is safe, so chill! .

I just lost my belief in god

I just saved myself from losing my belief in god for good. I was convinced for a while that the body of this girl is actually the one of a man. It was those few dark seconds of my life. Then, I found my peace again when I realized it’s just a magazine. The girl is still intact and beautiful.

Did you find the missing leg?

Its gonna take a bit to find out where is this missing leg in the picture. I didn’t really catch where it is positioned exactly. Please leave message or a hint if you get the answer.

The world couldn’t get funnier than this

Honestly, this made my day. It is quite hilarious to see this mismatch, almost makes you not trust your eyes.. Well you should keep looking for such funny patterns and mismatches. They are always around. Trust me or try the mirror.

My trust issues just got cemented

The girl is already cheating on him, on the very wedding day. The worst part is that she is cheating on him with a shark. These days you can’t trust anyone, not even the fish in the aquarium. The shark seems happy though.

There is something fishy about this image

Initially, it seems like a very normal, bright sunny day with family or friend. But when you look closely, you find out that it is actually messing with your head. It’s fun when you see it.

You’re on TV, man!

Either this man doesn’t realise he is on television or he just doesn’t care. It’s hard to tell whether these two guys are the same or not, but either way it is still cool. Wonder if the show is ‘live’. What a mess that could generate in your head?

When you endorse a brand for free

This happens when your clothes hilariously match with school supplies. Next moment you are left feeling embarrassed after the funny remarks made by your friends. Seems like this guy just now realised that. You now see what is coming…

She gone too far to show her pet love

Okay, I love my pet too but this is too much. Either the girl has gone so far to show how much she loves her dog or the dog just got lucky. If the world is still at place, you should find your peace thinking it is just an illusion of the photograph.

Alien dog captured human

If I would have seen this while waiting in the car in a queue, I would have freaked out. It seems like some alien dog hijacked a human body. The worst part is that he is getting away with this, just like that. Well, honestly I think I should stop watching that many alien movies.

I Dare you guess this

First you might think the photograph is taken while he is smoking and this can be the slow-mo smoke effect or just a bubblegum balloon. Until you guess it right, this remains a secret.

Seems like a science fiction movie

Rainbows and Thunder together? That’s something rare to see. It is quite like Thor bolting thunder to the shield force on the earth. Either way, it seems to be visually a delight to watch.

Snow ball fight

Why would you do something like that, and to your own son? That boy just turned into snow-faced boy. Just kidding! You know it is just a photograph being taken when the mother throws a snow ball towards her son. You know it, right?

When life throws you in the pit

Remember those moments when you are so happy and wait for something bad to happen but it doesn’t? Those moments happen when you least expect them. Yeah, that’s what it looks like.