12 Unique Outdoor Decoration Ideas


Everyone wants a beautiful backyard or porch, but sometimes we lack the money (and creativity) to completely change this important space of our homes. If getting a landscape designer is too expensive for you, as it is for most of us, then we might have the solution for you.

Maybe you’re nodding in agreement right now but don’t know how to start revamping your outdoor spaces. So give your porch, patio, deck, or yard a dose of fun and originality, and take a look at our budget-friendly, yet stylish, unique outdoor decoration ideas.

Above The Ground Pool

This trend is everywhere these days, and for good reason too: it's the perfect way to take a swim for the summer without the hassle of a costly in-ground pool installation.

Build a Treehouse

If you always dreamed of having a backyard tree house, getting one is never too late!

Create a Potting Station

To create the perfect potting station you only need, well the pots. The rest is very easy. Even two metal trash cans could make for a charming workspace if coupled with the right plants!

Personalize Your Plants

If you have many plants but are not sure about how to style them, a DIY planter is always a cute personalized touch to any outdoor space. You can even turn an old bike into a planter if you have the creativity to do so!

Use Rope Lights as Decoration

If you want to illuminate your garden paths, try on using a strand of rope lights for an affordable way to make sure your yard is always bright at night.

Alternatively, you can hang string lights from anchor poles into planters with cement if you want a unique decoration for your garden. You can even create a romantic spot by adding a string of lights around the trees in your backyard!

Create an Outdoor Lounge

Make your very own outdoor lounge with a combination of new and reused items. You can look for thrift store chairs and gave them a nice DIY makeover!

Build a Fire Pit

This outdoor decoration trend is only gaining traction. Who doesn't love meeting around a good fire pit on a summer night?

Make a Pergola

A beautiful pergola doesn’t need to be an expensive effort. In fact, you can easily build one on a budget.

Start Your Own Garden

Maybe you are in the need for freshly grown edibles, or maybe you want a new decoration idea for your outdoor space. Either way, you can grow your own food on just a quarter acre!

Give Your Folding Chairs an Overhaul

Upgrade your boring-colored folding chairs using spray paint. This way you can add more color and character to your old chairs!

Get a Hammock

There’s nothing better than laying down on a hammock in the afternoon. This easy setup will be your favorite spot to relax.

Build a Wooden Walkway

Utilize old pallet wood to build a rustic wooden path for your backyard or patio.

If you have more outdoor decoration ideas you’d like to share with us, leave us a comment down below with your suggestions!